Energy Committee

History of the AEC

Established in the spring of 2019, The Arlington Energy Committee is a group of dedicated residents working to fulfill the following:

The mission of the Arlington Town Energy Committee is to assist Arlington residents, businesses, schools and Town government in reducing energy consumption and costs through conservation, increased energy efficiency, conversion to renewable energy sources, and the promotion of energy education and awareness.  The committee will assist the Town (Energy Coordinator) in planning and carrying out projects to advance these goals and will serve as a resource to the town on energy-related issues.

While the select board appoints a core group of 7 members, all are welcome to participate. We are involved with many projects that include doing research; analyzing data; making recommendations on the most cost-effective green investments; attending and reporting back on energy conferences; providing resources; conducting educational outreach; making videos to highlight local energy efficiency efforts and tips, as well as ways to sequester carbon; helping with weatherization projects such as the annual WindowDressers Community Build; and more! If you are interested in joining us, please call committee chair Stephanie (802) 681-5151 or the town energy coordinator/administrator Nick (802) 379-9916

Arlington Energy Goals and Policies, as stated in the Town Plan:

Quick Links to Helpful Resources:

Need some Hope and Inspiration? Take a look:

Podcast on why to do energy efficiency work

Video on efforts at Studio Hill Farm in Shaftsbury

Useful information from the Rocky Mountain Institute packed with details on projects in place now that are transforming and accelerating clean energy development around the world


Stephanie Moffett Hynds,


Mardi Crane
Karen Lee
Jenny Murtaugh
Joan Nash
Garrett Siegel
Alexandra Ernst

For energy efficiency inquiries contact Nick Zaiac, Energy Coordinator, at 802-379-9916.