Arlington Town Treasurer/ Tax Collector

Tiffany Mays

The town treasurer plays a vital role in Vermont municipal government. The town treasurer is a key player in keeping the town’s financial accounts, investing town money, keeping a record of the taxes voted and paying the bills when orders to do so are properly submitted. An equally important role is the largely unwritten one of interacting with other town officials to insure that the town finances run smoothly. When the local school district does not elect its own treasurer, the town treasurer also assumes the duties of treasurer of the school district. Put simply, the town treasurer handles the finances and keeps the accounts for the municipality. Vermont League of Cities & Towns Handbook for Vermont Municipal Treasurers 2002.


Property Tax Due Date: Property Taxes for the Town of Arlington are due annually.  November 4th each year.
Mailing of Tax Bills:The tax bills are sent out to property owners annually 60 days in advance, either on or before September 4th.
HS 122:HS 122 must be filed with the Vermont Department of Taxes on or before April 1st of each year. You can also file online with the Vermont Department of Taxes online at
HS 122 Form Section B:This form determines your Homestead status for property tax rebates/prebates, and is available in your State Income Tax booklet, or in the Town Clerk’s office.


Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm


Physical Address Main Level 3828 VT RTE 7A, Arlington, VT

Mailing Address P.O. Box 55, Arlington, VT 05250-0055


Phone (802) 375-1260

Fax (802) 375-1260