Accounting Services Request for Proposal



The Town of Arlington, Vermont, is requesting proposals from qualified accountants to provide monthly review and oversight of Town of Arlington financial accounts, and provide ad hoc advice on accounting matters to town staff. There will be an initial period of 15 months (October 1, 2022-December 31, 2023), with a mutual option to renew for up to 3 more 12-month terms.

Proposals are to be submitted by 12:00 PM on September 23, 2022 to: Nick Zaiac, Town Administrator, or by placing a physical copy in the drop box located in the front entrance of 3828 VT Route 7A Arlington, VT 05250.

All proposals shall take the form of a flat hourly rate or flat annual fee based on expected hours worked, with a schedule of any tasks that would require additional cost. The Town of Arlington reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Proposals will be evaluated by the Town based on firm experience and reputation, understanding of Town requirements, which services the firm is willing to provide, and cost for service. During the evaluation process, the Town reserves the right, where it may serve in the Town’s best interest, to request additional information or clarification from proposers.

Please direct all questions regarding this request for proposals to Nick Zaiac, 802-379-9916 or

NATURE OF SERVICES REQUIRED The Town of Arlington seeks an individual or firm to engage in the following activities. Work may be completed remotely on onsite at Arlington Town Hall.

  1. Regular monthly reconciliation of Town of Arlington accounts
  2. Review of the Trial Balance of all funds for inconsistencies and discuss/resolve with Treasurer or other Town of Arlington staff
  3. Perform spot check of payments to vendors and receipts to make sure that the town is following proper procedure for approval and posting
  4. Review journal entries and sign off on said entries
  5. Complete and report any findings to the Select Board and Town Administrator
  6. Provide advice on internal controls and Town of Arlington financial practices
  7. Work with the awardee of the separate, state-required annual audit to ensure this audit is successfully produced in a timely manner.
  8. Respond to queries from the Treasurer and Town Administrator regarding accounting matters.

DESCRIPTION OF THE GOVERNMENT The Town of Arlington has a population of approximately 2,500 people. The Town provides the following services to its citizens: Highways and streets, public safety provided via a volunteer fire department and a contract with the Vermont State Police, park and recreation, public improvements, planning and zoning, and general administrative services that include a town administrator, town clerk, town treasurer, select board assistant, land use administrator and listers.

The Town uses the following fund types in its financial reporting:

General Fund, Capital Reserve Funds, Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund, Audit Fund

The Town prepares its financial statements using the modified cash basis of accounting for governmental funds and the accrual basis of accounting for proprietary funds.

PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS Interested individuals or firms shall submit proposals separated into two sections: the technical proposal and the cost proposal. Both sections need not be exceptionally detailed, and the Town values individuals or firms that can express their qualifications succinctly and fees simply.

The purpose of the technical proposal is to demonstrate the qualifications, competence and capacity of the firms seeking to undertake the work of the Town of Arlington in conformity with the requirements of this request for proposals. The technical proposal should demonstrate the qualifications of the firm and of the particular staff to be assigned to this engagement.

The purpose of the cost proposal is to express all relevant costs in a clear schedule of rates

Cost breakdown shall include:

Billable hourly rates for any staff assigned to the engagement, including proposed rates in years 2-4 in the event of mutual renewal of the contract.

Unit pricing for non-audit services that are in compliance with independence standards should those be required.


The final selection of an audit firm will be based on two criteria: technical qualifications and cost of service. The technical qualifications will compare each proposer’s expertise and experience in providing quality audit services to government entities and the quality of the firm’s professional personnel who would conduct the audit.

There is no expressed or implied obligation on the part of the Town of Arlington to reimburse responding firms for any expenses incurred in preparing or presenting proposals in response to this request. The Town of Arlington reserves the right to retain all of the proposals and to use any ideas in a proposal regardless of whether the proposal is selected. Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in this RFP, unless clearly stated to the contrary and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed in the contract between the municipality and the selected firm. The Town of Arlington reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal, at their sole discretion, and to award a contract based solely on their determination of the best proposal considering all of the circumstances.

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