Arlington Energy Committee Meeting Minutes 10.19.20

Arlington Town Energy Committee

October 19, 2020 7:00 p.m.

Present: Stephanie Moffett-Hynds, Mary Ann Carlson, Mardi Crane (Zoom host), Bryan Dalton (notes), Alexandra Ernst, Jean Freebern, Karen Jernigan, Karen Lee, Garret Siegel.

Next meeting: Monday, November 16, 7:00 p.m.


• Banner articles –  no movement. Steph’s contact Paula at Banner did pass message on to editor; Karen L & J’s contact hasn’t responded. The Banner probably is focused on how to operate in the pandemic.

• GNAT TV series – Mardi met Mark, who helped her make the videos she did. There’s a one-time form to complete; and they need High Definition videos. Ours will be broadcast on two of their stations, for local and educational programs; and can be any length.

— Possible future videos for GNAT: Talk to our neighbors who want to appear; Mardi can interview Rich; Mardi has small videos ideas on DIY steps; Mary Ann’s home weatherization dramatically improved warmth and coolness, and she recently installed heat pumps; Karen J. reported that the Bennington Chamber has video (filmed by CATV) focused on Community Solar project in Bennington (shares still available) and elsewhere.

• Climate Catalysts: anyone interested can probably still join.

• Window Dressers Meeting: awaiting update from BCRC/Allison Strohl.

• Understanding difference in weatherization work by BROC and ButtonUpVT: Steph talked to Vicki Loomis at BROC and Becca White at ButtonUp. 

— BROC is non-profit, self-standing, for Rutland and Bennington County low-income residents, doing many activities including weatherization. Depending on income, can install weatherization up to $10,900 per family. They go in personally and inspect the whole house to see all the issues, prioritize, coordinate the projects, look for the rebates available. They are partners with Efficiency VT and BUVt as needed.

— ButtonUp Vt is separate from EV, though EV has embraced BU because they’re doing good work. BU is its own entity. The Fund they raise money for is run by the VT Community Foundation, to fill the gap when people go to do weatherization but there is some other project that has to happen first and isn’t covered by another program. 

NEW BUSINESS & things coming up

• AEC’s new email address: (Thanks Karen Lee!). At the next meeting we will decide how to administer it.

• Suggested films for inspiration: Kissing the Ground (Woody Harrelson), Life on the Planet (David Attenborough)

• Earth Matters subgroup on regenAg went to all local farms to learn biggest barriers to farms being successful and foster sustainable AG / regenAg. Bennington College has a regenAg course going that Hildene staff are taking.


• Link to EXCELLENT resource from VCRD (VT Council for Regional Development) for community leaders:

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