Arlington Wastewater Committee Minutes 3.16.23

Arlington Wastewater Committee March 16 2023 Minutes

Thursday, March 16, 2023 7:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 839 7432 9717

Passcode: 249933

Members Attending: Dan Harvey, Jamie Paustian, Steve McClafferty, Andrew Rodriguez, Andy Curtis, Matt Bykowski

Members absent: Cynthia Browning

Others present: Nick Zaiac, Craig Jewett, Michael Kondratowicz, Emily Hackett

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:03 pm


3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Motion by Steve McClafferty , seconded by Jamie Paustian, 5-0, Matt Bykowski abstaining


4.1 Kickoff discussion

The discussion began with Mr. Jewett explaining the initial timeline for the project and presented his sub-agenda for this segment of the meeting, reproduced below. He proceeded through the outline as presented, explaining the timeline, process, and checkpoints of the project. The group explained that its priorities for the project were generally in-line with typical towns: Business opportunities, economic development, and relief of failing wastewater systems on small lots with poor soils particularly in East Arlington. Members noted certain areas of potentially valuable soils on the edge of the study area and made further inquiries regarding the timeline.

He noted that due to some amount of pre-work, the project will reach the 30% completion checkpoint within weeks. He noted that due to the unique nature of Arlington wastewater infrastructure with regard to the Arlington School plant, it would be helpful to arrange the initial stakeholder conversation with that entity in the next month-to-6-weeks. The group agreed its next meeting would be April 20th at 7 pm.

Meeting No. 1

1. Attendance

2. Project Approach a. Small Scale i. Soil-based systems with capacities under 6,500 gpd b. Indirect Discharge i. Soil-based systems with capacities at or greater than 6,500 gpd c. Arlington School Wastewater System i. Unreserved Capacity ii. Overall System Condition iii. Water Quality Testing Results from System

3. Sites Available a. Discussion on Goals of Project and Needs i. Goals related to Water Supply, Wastewater Disposal, and Stormwater. ii. Goals related to economic development. b. Local Knowledge i. Current Village parcel information (Business within the village center, listers cards for all properties within the Village Center). ii. Information on any onsite wastewater systems in the Village Center (especially ones that have not been permitted). iii. Information on archeological resources identified in the past. iv. Local zoning bylaws regarding in- and above-ground wastewater systems. v. Hazardous Waste Sites

4. Test Pits a. Prioritize sites to complete test pits b. Identify contact for property owners

5. Meeting Format a. 30%/60%/90% Review Meetings b. Local Informational Meeting(s) c. Meetings w/ Battenkill Valley SU, Regional Planning, etc.

6. Next Steps


6. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Matt Bykowski, Seconded by Andy Curtis, 6-0 meeting adjourned at 8:57 pm

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