Energy Committee Meeting 3.24.19

Arlington Energy Committee

Minutes of Meeting: Sunday, March 24, 2019

Attendees: Stephanie Hynds, Rich Lederer, Pat Williams, Charles Moore, John Williams, Maryann Carlson, Ron Weber, Alexandra Ernst

Well, what a nice way to start off!  Thank you everyone who could make it tonight with a special thanks to Charles Moore for bringing us up to speed on the work that he and Garret are doing and for preparing an outline of short-term and long-term goals as well as things for us to consider as we go about creating the Arlington Energy Committee.  MaryAnn Carlson is going to call Jim Sullivan and I am going to call someone on the Dorset Energy Committee in order to find out a little more about how the committees are structured and what seems to work best when interfacing with the town administrations.  John Williams will talk with Keith Squires and Robin Wilcox about our newly forming committee and about the possibility of adding a tab on our town’s website where anyone could go to find out what we are up to.  

Our next meeting will be Sunday, April 28, 7:00 to 8:30pm at the Community House.  We’ll report back with our findings, hone a mission statement and structure, and begin to target projects to research.  We might also have someone from the Dorset Energy Committee join us that evening so we can continue to ask questions and learn about their efforts (successes and challenges and words of wisdom).  It was just great being with fellow Arlingtonians tonight, sharing a contagious enthusiasm for rolling up our sleeves and getting on with projects that will help our community become more energy efficient.

Thanks again to all of you!



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