Energy Meeting Minutes 1.12.22



January 12, 2022

Members Present:  Stephanie Moffett-Hynds, Mardi Crane, Karen Lee, Jenny Murtaugh, Garrett Siegel, Alexandra Ernst

Members Absent:  MaryAnne Carlson, Bryan Dalton

Also Present:  Nick Zaiac, Jeff Dexter (Sunderland), Callie Fishburn (BCRC)

Call to Order at 7:07 PM by Chairperson Moffett-Hynds

Old Business:

Town Report

Chairperson Moffett-Hynds outlined what had been discussed on the matter at the previous meeting, noting highlights including advising on LED transition at town hall, the successful WindowDressers event, and the ongoing creation and publication of promotional videos by committee members. Town Administrator Zaiac noted the timeline for the completion of the submission for the Town Report. During this conversation, members realized there are ongoing issues with the committee’s meeting planning communications practices and will seek to trouble shoot the matter prior to future meetings.

New Business:

Shared resources discussion with Callie Fishburn: energy point person at BCRC. Callie shared some of the resources she has created on the Regional Commission’s website, including a page that lists subsidy programs and resources for citizens to find money to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. Members noted the value of the resource, and thanked Callie for the effort. Callie noted that this committee was the reason some of the resources were created. Callie noted the advent of periodic joint regional energy committee calls, after a successful recent first event attended by Arlington Energy Committee members

2022 planning: Members, led by Mr. Siegel and Chairperson Moffett-Hynds, briefly discussed some of the potential matters for the committee to undertake in 2022, with more work to be done at the next two meetings. Town Administrator Zaiac noted new energy efficiency opportunities that have been suggested by town staff to be potentially part of that conversation.

Sunderland update: Jeff Dexter from the Sunderland Energy Committee was present to update the committee on the adjacent town energy committee’s plans, which could be cooperative in nature with Arlington. He noted that they hope to host a number of electric machine demonstration events as in previous years to promote update of low-carbon machines to citizens.

Event updates: Chairperson Moffett-Hynds gave some brief event updates

All other business: Town Administrator Zaiac briefly noted the Arlington Fire Department’s efforts to transition to electricity-powered equipment from fossil-fuel-powered machines in the name of easier maintenance.

Motion to adjourn Mardi Crane, Second Chairperson Moffett-Hynds, meeting adjourned 8:08

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