Job Opening for Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Position

The Town of Arlington seeks applicants for the role of Animal Control Officer.


The Animal Control Officer’s (ACO) focus is to enforce the Town Dog Ordinance and to make sure dogs are properly licensed and not causing problems in Town. The ACO should have strong communication skills and the ability to keep an open mind. The ACO should be passionate about animal welfare and have a willingness to work with pet owners to find solutions that best meet the needs of the animal. As an employee of the Town, the ACO is appointed by the Select Board. For animal control duties, the employee works under the supervision of the Town Administrator. As an employee of the Town, the employee is required to read and adhere to stipulations of the Town Personnel Policies. Actions that violate these policies can lead to disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal.

Essential duties: Transport and secure any dogs that are lost or running free in the Town of Arlington. Ongoing communication with animal owners, local vets, Town Clerk’s Office, Town Administrator’s Office, and local kennels. Investigate all animal complaints and nuisances relating to dogs and use problem-solving skills to assist in these situations. Ensure that all dogs are properly licensed by comparing lists of licensed to non-licensed dogs. Work with Town Clerk annually on dog warrants for any unlicensed dogs. Work can include visiting properties, talking to animal owners, and impounding dogs if necessary.

To apply, call 802-379-9916 or email to be added to the list of those considered for the position.

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