Job Opening- Land Use Administrator

Title: Arlington Seeks Land Use Administrator

The Town of Arlington seeks to fill the role of Land Use Administrator. This individual is also expected to hold the independently-appointed Sign Administrator position.

The role is compensated at a competitive rate commiserate with experience, for 9-15 hours per week including 2 monthly evening meetings. In addition to wages, the Land Use Administrator also collects a set fee on documents processed. Meetings run from approximately 7 to 9 pm on nights decided by the relevant commissions. All work is done from an office in Arlington Town Hall. Unlike other part time roles, this position gets access to vacation, sick, and bereavement leave.

This role supports the work of the Town Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment, reviewing and assisting the filing of planning documents, conducting visits to proposed building sites, writing zoning compliance letters, and other administrative tasks. Beyond this, the Land Use Administrator guides and provides feedback on updates to and compliance with Arlington’s zoning bylaw, which is currently under a professionally-guided revision at this time.

There is no particular qualification for the role, but we hope to appoint someone who is computer-literate, with good time management and organizational skills. The individual may choose their own office hours, with at least one day having hours between 9 am and 2 pm so as to provide access to the Town Vault.

Please send inquiries or expressions of interest to or call 802-379-9916. Expect to do a first interview with the Town Administrator and a second interview with one or more elected or appointed public officials. The role will remain open until 9/9/2022 or until the town has reviewed a satisfactory number of candidates.

This role is compatible with the separately-hired position of Treasurer’s assistant, and any successful candidate qualified for and interested in the second position will automatically move to the final round of interviews for the second role.

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