Minutes Energy Committee Meeting 4.9.2020

Arlington Energy Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 9, 2020 7:00pm via Zoom The mission of the Arlington Town Energy Committee is to assist Arlington residents, businesses, schools and Town government in reducing energy consumption and costs through conservation, increased energy efficiency, conversion to renewable energy sources, and the promotion of energy education and awareness. The committee will assist the Town (Energy Coordinator) in planning and carrying out projects to advance these goals and will serve as a resource to the town on energy-related issues. Present: Mardi Crane, Bryan Dalton, Alex Ernst, Jean Freebern, Rich Lederer, Karen Lee, Stephanie Moffett-Hynds, Garret Siegel, Ron Weber After attending last Monday’s Select Board meeting at which time the board took us up on our offer to do an analysis of the proposed efficiency improvements, the committee members have been hard at work. Jean Freebern put together a list of things to consider. Several members added to that list. Karen Lee put together a draft of an excel sheet containing all the components and plugged in some preliminary numbers. After a great deal of good discussion, the group decided that we needed to contact the Select Board for clarification on several matters. Stephanie will send an email with the following questions: 1) While we now have one estimate on the weatherization components, do we need to have two more weatherization companies conduct an audit? If so, would you like us to contact two more, asking if they would do so for free just as Weatherization Works did? 2) We need to gather estimates on upgrading components of the HVAC system. Would you like for us to contact three plumbing and heating contractors or would you like to do that? If you would like for us to do so, would you like to give us some names or would you like for us to suggest names? 3) Would getting more estimates require RFPs or is a request for an estimate not the same as a request for a proposal? 4) No matter who contacts the contractors, the shelter-at-home order by the governor will probably mean that it will be a little while before we can get the professionals to take a look at our systems. It would be great to go ahead and get on their schedules, however. Would you please clarify the protocol for a contractor to make a site visit under the current conditions? Should we assume this would be out of the question, since the offices are closed? 5) Karen would like to get some numbers on past electric and heating bills. Should she contact Robin? 6) Finally, would you happen to have a record or spreadsheet of all the light bulbs in the Town Hall – perhaps from when they were replaced the last time? In order to give you a replacement cost for the LEDs, we need to know what needs replacing. ​Stephanie will find out whether the questions will be answered via email or whether she or other members of the AEC will need to attend the next SB meeting on April 20. The group also discussed various ways that the town could save money by doing some of the work by town crew members (ie. Cleaning the attic before it is weatherized, replacing the bulbs with LEDs, etc.). They also discussed which upgrades would make the most difference for that particular building. More details about all of these considerations will be forthcoming in the final report. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 16, 7pm. Because Mardi has a professional Zoom account, we will get an invitation from her that evening. Minutes by Stephanie Moffett-Hynds

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