Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 10.22.20



Minutes of Meeting – Thursday October 22, 2020

Members Present: Chairman John Williams, Chis Heins, Charles Moore, Garret Siegel, Michael Murno, and Bill Henry (Land Use Administrator)

Attendance Formats: Town Hall, Video Conferencing or Phone

Other Attendees:

Nick Zaiac Town Administrator

Randall Pratico

David Spurr Blaze Design Inc.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Chairman John Williams.
  • The warned meeting was held to review a preliminary plat for a proposed subdivision by Randall and Linda Pratico of 639 Sandgate Road in the Rural/Forest districts. 
  • The subdivision site plan was presented by David Spurr of Blaze Design Inc with comments by the owner Randall Pratico.

The current 101+ acre Parcel, 02-1-29, will be subdivided into two lots of 27+ and 75+ acres.  The 27+ acre lot is in the rural district and the 75+ acre lot is in both the rural and forest districts. 

John Williams asked for the location of the boundary line between the rural and forests districts which was not shown in the site plan.  David Spurr will include the boundary if it falls within the part of the parcel shown in the current site plan.

Chris Heins stated that the 1200’ contour line would be the boundary between the rural and forest districts.  No contour lines are shown on the site plan as required in Section 6.04, page 37, of the bylaw.  John Williams displayed an vtmapviewer plot of the contour lines to show the location of the 1200” contour line.  David Spurr estimated that the 1200’ contour line would not be near the 27+ acre lot.    

The subdivision boundary as shown by the blue line in the site plan allows for 131’ of frontage on Sandgate road for access to the 75+ acre lot which exceeds the minimum road frontage requirement.

Chris Heins asked about access to the lots.  Access to the 27+ acre lot consists of the driveway at 639 Sandgate road.  There is also an access easement in the 27+ acre lot to the lands of Hildick -Smith which consist of a trail parallel to Sandgate road from about 300’ from where the new subdivision line intersects Sandagate road to the residence at 639 Sandgate road.  Access to the 75+ acre lot would be thru the 131’ of frontage above the subdivision line on Sandgate road.  Chris Heins felt the contour would be too steep for a direct road.  David Spurr said the owner has no plans to develop the lot and plans to leave the land as forestry conservation land.  Garret Siegel asked about any access to the 75+ acre lot.  David Spurr said there are many woods trails, paths and four wheeler trails for access to the 75+ acre lot.  The owner, Randy Pratico, said an old logging road runs from the 75+ acre lot 131’ frontage (near the Blayer lot) on Sangate road through thru  and along the new subdivision boundary line provided access in the past for logging which might require an easement.  Randy stated that his son who lives in the lower lot would give him access for a road to the 75+ acre lot if necessary for logging or recreation.

Also, Michael Murno questioned how Dunne accesses his property, as access is not shown on the plan. David Spurr stated, that although it is not shown he believes that access is achieved through Thompson’s property at the southwest corner near monument # 11 (M11).

Chris Heins made a motion to classify it as a minor subdivision which was approved. 

Garret Siegel made a motion to approve the preliminary plat of the minor 2 lot subidivision which was approved.

After further discussion, Chris Heins made a motion to approve this site plan as the final plat of the minor 2 lot subdivision provided it meets the requirements of the final plat submission in section 6.06 which includes the additions of the rural/forest boundary and contours discussed in the meeting.  John Williams asked David to make the necessary changes to the site plan and email the site plan file to Bill Henry for review by the members of the Planning commission.

Bill Henry stated that the deed will have to be updated before the mylar is issued. Randy said he will meet with his lawyer to update the deed with the subdivision.

David Spurr asked it there was a standard statement to be put on the mylar for the town of Arlington.  Chris Heins told David to see section 6.06g on page 39 of the bylaw for the statement.  Bill Henry again said the revised deed information also needs to be on the mylar.

If there are no more comments on the revised site plan, Bill Henry will ask David Spurr to submit the mylar to him for signature for signature by John Williams.

  • The minutes of the Sept 24, 2020 meeting were reviewed, and corrected prior to this meeting. The minutes were approved and accepted.
  • Bill Henry submitted the following Land Use Adminstrators report which was approved.


October 21, 2020  

           Activity since last reported on July 22, 2020:                          

            Zoning permits issued:

#3233 – Henry and Kathleen Hall, 2636 VT Route 313 West, Rural District, minor subdivision, final plat approved by the Planning Commission.

#3234 – Roger and Anne Cooper, 1346 E. Arlington Road, Village-Residential District, two sheds reconstructed and a new greenhouse, approved by the ZBA.

#3235 – Margaret and Albert Godreau, 519 Berwal Road, Rural District, new greenhouse.

#3236 – Travis Hess, 180 Gordon’s Way, Rural District, new two car garage.

#3237 – John Whalen, Hale Road/Buck Hill, Rural District,Boundary Line Adjustment.

#3239 – Matthew Broomhall, 0 River Road, Rural District, new residence.

#3241 – Anna Rockwell, 938 Tory Lane, Rural District, new garage.

#3243 – Grace Seventko, Emmaus Road, Lot 5, Rural District, new residence.

#3229 – David Watkins/ Mary Anne Holmes, 1456 River Road, Rural District, new residence, (received FEMA approval of fill and receipt of State Water Supply and Wastewater Permit).

#3240 – Eugene Cronin, 1268 Berwal Road, Rural District, new garage.

#3242 – Joshua Sherman, 438 Old Mill Road, CR District, addition and remodel, received Planning Commission site plan review and ZBA conditional use review.

#3245 – Peter Hildick-Smith, 362 Green River Drive, Rural District, new shed.

#3247 – Steve Kruger/Christian King, 559/591 Berwal Road, Rural District, Boundary Line Adjustment.

#3248 – Alan Mattison, 120 School Street, CRR District, tear down and replace barn.

#3246 – Andrew Hildick-Smith, Sandgate Road, Rural District, new garage, received ZBA approval for setback.

Zoning permits pending:

#3210 – 780 UBU Lane, LLC (Owner), Old Depot Road, Rural District, change of use of residential barn to commercial activities. Requires Bylaw change. No current activity.

#3219 – Shane Leland, 855 Butternut Gutter, Rural District, new residence on existing property, pending completed documentation. No current activity.

#3238 – Arlington Rescue Squad, 66 Chittenden Drive, two sleeping sheds, pending Planning Commission site plan review, evaluation of septic by a Licensed Designer and ZBA variance review for setbacks. Application was withdrawn.

#3244 – Daniel Wood, 112 Gingerbread Hill Road, house addition, pending review of septic capacity.

#3249 – Randall and Linda Pratico, 639 Sandgate Road, two lot subdivision, pending Planning Commission site plan review.

#3250 – Shawn Thibodeau, 77 Tory Lane, Rural District, screen porch addition, awaiting owner to sign application.

Zoning compliance letters issued:

                        1471 Black Hollow Rd, Forest-Recreation District

                        1023 East Arlington Rd., Village-Residential District

                        124 High Pine Drive, Rural District

                        590 Sunrise Lane, Rural District

                        87 Sugar Shack Lane, Rural/CRR Districts

William G. Henry, Land Use Administrator

  • The usual Planning Commission meeting for the holiday months of November and December was discussed and the date of December 3, 2020 was approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday

December 3, 2020 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted John Williams

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