Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 10.24.19



Minutes of Meeting – Thursday October 24, 2019

Members Present–Chairman John Williams, Chris Heins, Charles Moore, Garret Siegel, Michael Murno, and Bill Henry (Land Use Administrator)

Others Present: Catherine Bryars, BCRC

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by John Williams. 
  • The meeting minutes of September 26, 2019 were approved and accepted as revised.
  • Catherine Bryars highlighted her revisions to the Town Plan via a PC presentation with the revisions shown in red.  Bill Henry questioned the accuracy of the flood maps (specically map 10 in the Town Plan).  Catherine will double check to see if all the maps are up-to-date. The following minor changes to the draft Town Plan were agreed to:
  • The names of the members of the Planning Commission were updated to the current sitting members
  • In Chapter IV, Section 4.2, The last sentence in the 6th paragraph should be revised to “Smart growth principles and land use policies……………..”
  • In Chapter IV, Section 4.4, In the sentence “Forest fragmentation shall be prevented through the land use policies and the development review process.”, the word prevented was changed to “discouraged”.
  • Chapter VII, Section 7.3 should be designated as “Surface Water and Flood Resilency” to be consistent with the previous Town Plan. The new section entitled “Hazardous Mitigation Planning” should be renumbered as 7.4 with all following sections to be numbered sequentially
  • Chapter VII, Section 7.7, Forest Lands, under Forest Lands Policies and Actions, in the last sentence of the first paragraph replace the word “prevent” with “avoid”
  • Chapter X, Section 10.5.4 Replace the word “adoption” with “use”
  • Chris Heins Made a motion to approve the draft document for distribution with the minor revisions discussed at the meeting as listed above. Seconded by Garret, motion passed.
  • John Williams emailed a 2019 Draft Arlington Land Use Bylaw, Rev 9 to the Planning Commission on 10-3-19 for their review.  This revision included Bill Henry’s  changes in his 8-30-19 email.  John made a motion to approve the Rev 9 which was approved.
  • With regard to the revisions to the By Laws suggested by Bill Henry at the previous meeting, Chris made a motion to list the changes on an errata sheet and pass it on to the select board for approval. Seconded by Garret, motion passed.
  • Land Use Administrator’s Monthly Report

October Report:

            The following zoning permits were issued:

#3204 – Nicholas Grimes, 3048 VT Rte 313 W, Rural District, new shed, setback approved by the ZBA.

#3205 – Mack Molding, 608 Warm Brook Road, Planned Industrial District, electric vehicle chargers, approved by the Planning Commission.

#3206 – Sue Morris/Nick Albert, 5081 River Road, Rural District, flood hazard area, enlarged deck, approved by the ZBA.

#3207 – Leslie Andrew, 62 Carbonti Circle, Village-Residential District, new shed.

#3209 – Nancy Faxon, 2997 VT Rte 7A S, Rural District, pole barn.

             Zoning permits pending:

#3208 – Peter Blum/Mark Brown, 1420 Tory Lane, Rural District, house relocation, new terrace and screen porch.

            Other activities:

– New wood boiler successfully installed at 137 Raspberry Hill Road to

address a smoke issue. Some issues with neighbors persist. State is handling  directly with owner.

Mediation session with Davis on septic business issue scheduled

for October 24, 2019.

Bill reported that the mediation session went well. Davis agreed to remove the truck and other related equipment.  The Town waived the fines and Davis agreed to pay lawyer’s fees. Davis has 90 days to comply with the agreement.

End of Land Use Administrator’s Monthly Report

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. There will be no meeting in November; our next regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by: Michael Murno

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