Planning Commission Meeting Warning 1.19.23


Planning Commission


Public Hearing, Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Attend this meeting either via Zoom or in person at the

Arlington Town Hall, 3828 VT Route 7A, Arlington, Vermont

Zoom Meeting:


  1. Minutes
  2. Public Comments
  3. New Business
    1. Warned Items (details below)
  4. Old Business
    1. Bylaw Revision
  5. Adjournment

Warned Items:

  1. Arlington Animal Hospital 3195 VT Route 7A (22-1-17).  Rick Baum to provide an overview of the proposed site plan, goals, and alternate ideas, in order to expand the business offices and tie in the Twin Creeks Condos property

     (22-1-16.2) behind the current animal hospital property.

  • Kimberly Barnes sawmill operation at 3383 VT Route 313W (3-3-02) – Site plan review to gain approval for a base of operations.

This hearing is warned in accordance with section 4464 of the Vermont planning and development act (24 VSA, chapter 117). Please be advised that participation in this proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to any subsequent appeal. Additional information may be obtained from the Arlington Interim Land Use Administrator at (802) 375-1008 or

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