Planning Commission Minutes 1.24.19



Minutes of Meeting – Thursday January 24, 2019

Members Present–John Williams, Chris Heins, Charles Moore, Garret Siegel, Keith Squire, Michael Murno, and Bill Henry (Land Administrator).

Others Present: Catherine Bryars, Danny Hall, Winfield Hall, Josh Sherman and Carolyn Blitz.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by John Williams.
  • The meeting minutes of December 13, 2018 were accepted and approved.
  • Regarding the site plan review for a proposed accessory dwelling unit by Danny Hall at 56 Cemetery Road in the rural district, the site plan was reviewed by the Planning Commission and was found to be in compliance with the By-Laws. A motion to approve the site plan and forward it to the ZBA for a permit was made by Michael Murno and seconded by Charles Moore. Motion carried.
  • Josh Sherman clarified the following:
  1. The previously discussed for-profit properties and businesses in East Arlington will remain on the tax rolls. 
  2. East Arlington resident Roger Cooper intends to donate funds to the non-profit organization (recently re-named “1761 Arts”) for the purpose of purchasing the R. C. Church in Arlington (formerly St. Margret Mary Parish) for the purpose of converting it into a music/concert hall. One of the conditions of donation / purchase, however, is that the property remain as it currently is (tax-exempt) – which will require a town vote. 
  • Catherine Bryars of BCRC continued to discuss recommended changes to the 2013 By Laws, Section 7.6 – Subdivision and Planned Development Standards. Highlights of those recommendations are recorded here.
  1. Section 2 General Standards – The recommendation to delete the second paragraph was revised to state that the land in question “can be subdivided, but not developed”.
  2. Section 2.09 – PC recommended that “Scenic Vistas” be defined.
  3. Section 3.01 – PC recommended the word “Driveways” be stricken.
  4. Section 3.04 – PC recommended the verbiage be revised to “Design and Construction must conform to Municipal Road General Permit Standards”.
  5. Section 3.10 – under the definition for Net Developable Land Area, PC recommended to include “Flood Hazard Area”.
  6. Section 4.02 – under Example 1, PC recommended a revision of the text to “a parcel with a net developable land area of 30 acres” and under Example 2 instead of “half of which” use “25 acres”.
  7. Section 4.06 – regarding setbacks, PC recommends “fire marshal sign off regarding proximity is required as per State Regulations”.
  8. Section 6.02 & 6.03– PC recommends the 30 day period be reduced to 15 days. In the second paragraph of Section 6.03 after “In addition the applicant” add with the assistance of the Land Use Administrator (LUA).
  9. Section 6.06 (c) – The first sentence should read as “Copies of permits issued by the State of Vermont or Federal agencies……………….”
  10. Section 6.08 second paragraph change (1) & (2) to (a) and (b).
  11. Appendix A Definitions – For Accessory Dwelling unit, Say “See Accessory Dwelling Unit”. The definition for “Dwelling Unit, Accessory” should be moved to “Accessory Dwelling Unit”. “Certificate of Occupancy” is “required only in the flood plain”.  “Child Care” is addressed; there is a need to define “Elder Care”.  Under Sewer, “Waste Matter” should be referred to as “Sewage”. “Hazardous Waste” should be addressed.

A motion to accept Catherine’s changes to the By-Laws with PC revisions was made by John Williams, seconded by Charles Moore.  Motion carried.  Catherine will look for the word file for the By-Laws and John will do the same.  It was noted that Daycare, Child Care, and Elder Care need to be added to the By-Laws.

A motion was made to accept the definitions by Catherine Bryars as a working document; seconded by Chris Heins. Motion carried.

 Land Use Administrator’s Report

       January Monthly Report:                                                                      

            The following zoning permit was issued:

#3178- Nathan Bachiochi, 611 Lost Lake Road (Rural District) – new residence.

The following zoning permit applications are in process:

#3176- Danny Hall, 56 Cemetery Road (Rural District) – conditional use permit for an accessory dwelling structure.

#3177- Terry Moffitt, 2487 VT RT 313 West (Rural District) – variance permit for a new shed.

Zoning Compliance Letters were issued for the following:

                        191 Sycamoore Lane

                        3153 VT Route 7A

            Other activities:

241 Raven Rock Road – (ongoing) neighbor’s complaint of operating a septic pumping business without a permit.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by: Michael Murno

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