Planning Commission Minutes 7.27.17


Minutes of Meeting – Thursday July 27, 2017

Members Present– John Williams, Chris Heins, Elliott Nachwalter, Charles Moore, Michael Murno, and Al Godreau (Land Use Administrator)

Maria Timmerman – SCAC Sunderland, Vt.
Kimberly Gould – SCAC Sunderland, Vt.
Shona Ross – SCAC Arlington, Vt.
Cathi Comler – SCAC Sunderland, Vt.
Nelle R. Knapp – 145 Ball Mountain Road, Arlington, Vt.
Neil Knapp – 145 Ball Mountain Road, Arlington, Vt.
Jack Byer – Goldstone Architecture 150 Depot Street, Bennington Vt.
Jeffrey Goldstone – Goldstone Architecture 150 Depot Street, Bennington Vt.
The meeting was opened by John Williams at 7:00 pm. The June meeting minutes were accepted/approved as read.
A. The warned public hearing for the site plan review regarding the revised site plan dated July 19, 2017 for Second Chance Animal was conducted.
John Williams began by reading the changes listed in a letter to Mr. Al Godreau (Land Use Administrator) from Mr. Jack Bayer, which included requirements/recommendations from the previous site plan review in 2015. Namely, the deletion of the driveway from Ball Mountain Road and the relocation of the existing access driveway to Route 7A to achieve a better site distance with the State Highway. Mr. Bayer was asked to continue with a more detailed description of the proposed changes to the site plan. Mr. Bayer explained that the site plan has been scaled down to make the development financially feasible. In addition to removing the driveway from Ball Mountain Road and the relocation of the access driveway from Route 7A, the following changes were made:
1. The proposed barn and related appurtenances will be a future construction
2. The overall size of the building has been reduced by approximately 1800 SF but in lieu of the barn for educational space, space allowances have been made inside the main building to conduct educational classes. The shape of the building and its location remains the same.
3. The exterior configuration of sidewalks and building access has been adjusted to address the reorganization of spaces within the building
4. The site has been raised above the current FEMA flood plain elevation
5. Impervious areas have been reduced as a result of the smaller building foot print and the sidewalk/parking areas
6. A reconfiguration of the outside spaces and pens was also made.
7. Mr. Beyer stated that the state will not allow the use of the existing wastewater disposal system so a new system has been designed which uses a new septic tank and pump station to serve a leach field at the east end of the lot. The existing septic tank will be crushed and filled in place.
A few questions/comments were raised by the Planning Commission:
Since the new plan shows a force main to convey waste water, SCAC will incur addition maintenance expense to keep the pumps in working order. A second look at providing a gravity system was suggested. SCAC acknowledged the extra maintenance and stated that a back-up pump would always be at the ready in the event of primary pump failure.
Q: When will SCAC break ground? A: Hopefully before the first hard freeze, otherwise, next spring.
Q: Since the ground was raised above the flood plain, why is the first floor elevation the same as the initial site plan? A: The architect will review the current FF elevation for any discrepancy.
Q: What kind of lighting is proposed for the site? A: All of the pole lighting of the initial plan has been removed. The lighting will be attached to the building.
Questions/comments were open to the public.
Mr. Knapp was concerned about his agricultural easement from Ball Mountain Road, which is necessary to mow and maintain his fields and wanted to know if the plans considered it. There was some discussion regarding its location and width. SCAC said they would look into it and Mr. Murno suggested that it be shown on the site plan.
There was also some concern of the level of light that would be emitted from the building. SCAC stated that cutoff lighting would be used and timers would be incrporated to shut them off at a pre-programmed time.

Mr. Murno noted that since the barn is planned for future construction and will require its own septic tank, and suggested that SCAC plan now for how the waste water will be accommodated.
Mr. Heins made a motion that the site plan be approved with the requirement that Mr. Knapp’s agricultural easement be shown. Seconded by Mr. Moore. The motion passed unanimously

B. Land Use Administrator’s Monthly Report

The telecommunications facilities at 487 Butternut Gutter was found to be in compliance with FCC rules and regulations.

Two permits were filed since the last meeting.
3125 – Miles Urbanski – 132 Hagelberg Hill for an addition
3127 – Robert and Pamela Barber – 1398 Old West Road for an accessory building
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 26, 2017.

Respectfully Submitted by: Michael J. Murno

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