Request for Proposal Fire Dept Pickup Truck

Town of Arlington Select Board

Request For Proposal

Fire Department Pickup Truck

The Arlington Select Board seeks to purchase one pickup truck for use by the Arlington Fire Department. Details of the vehicle are outlined below.

Proposal due: 4/29/2024 at 5 pm Eastern time

Proposals must be submitted to the Town Administrator by email to

Questions should be made by phone to Nick Zaiac at 802-379-9916

Response: Should the town receive a sufficient number of proposals by the deadline, the award will be made 4/29 and bidders notified the following morning.

Nature of the purchase

Collectively, it is the intention of this Board is to purchase one pickup truck for use by the Arlington Fire Department with the following qualities:

  1. Crew cab (ability to haul not less than four people)
  2. 3/4 ton size
  3. 4 wheel drive
  4. 6.5 foot bed (or as close to this length as possible)
  5. Compatibility with readily-available truck bed caps
  6. Compatibility with a slide-out tool drawer to be placed in the bed
  7. Towing package
  8. Compatibility to have shoreline power installed
  9. Color: red, white, or maroon

Optional qualities that would be preferred if available:

  1. Vinyl or otherwise non-cloth interior
  2. Factory running boards
  3. Heavy-duty alternator


This project will be funded with municipal tax dollars and is not subject to federal procurement rules.

Nature of the proposal

The price should be an all-inclusive proposal covering the full price as would be paid by the town including any taxes, fees, or other expenses associated with furnishing the vehicle to the Town. The proposal must include service and warranty information.

The Town endeavors to keep all proposals simple and short.

There should be no expectation that the Board will approve any change order associated with this purchase.


The vehicle must be supplied to the town within 30 days of award of the purchase.

Right to reject bids

The Town of Arlington reserves the right to reject any and all proposal received and accept any bid that, in its judgement, best serves the needs of the Town of Arlington, Vermont.


Those submitting bids do so entirely at their own expense. There is no express or implied

obligation by the Town of Arlington to reimburse any entity or individual for any costs incurred in

preparing or submitting of proposals.

RFP Dated 1/9/2024

Arlington Select Board

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