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Conference Room Collaboration System

“Zoom Room”

DATE ISSUES:  May 3, 2021

SEALED BID PROPOSALS ARE DUE:  May 17, 2021. No Later than 1700 Eastern.

BID OPENING DATE:  May 17, 2021 1900 Eastern.

Please send proposals to:

Town of Arlington Vermont
Nick Zaiac, Town Administrator
PO Box 304
Arlington VT, 05250

For Further information or questions, please contact:
Nick Zaiac, Town Administrator

Certificate of Insurance

Each bidder shall furnish, with their proposal, a Certificate of Liability Insurance for a minimum of one (1) million dollars. Failure to provide this documentation shall render the proposal non-responsive and the bid shall be rejected.


The bidder shall state the time required for delivery in calendar day of the completed solution on the proposal page. The completed solution shall be delivered to the purchaser with full instructions and training provided to the Town Administrator on operation, care and maintenance of the solution at the purchaser’s location.

Intent of Specifications

It is the intent of these specifications to clearly describe the furnishing and delivery to the Purchaser, a complete solution. The primary objective of these specifications is to obtain the most acceptable solution for service in the town office. These specifications cover specific requirements as to the nature of the solution, together with certain details as to finish, material preferences, equipment and applications with which the successful bidder must conform.

Bids will be addressed and submitted in accordance with the instructions provided on the cover sheet.

If sending bid via email, please use the subject “Zoom Room – Bid Opening Date 5/17/2021”

If sending bid via USPS or other physical delivery service, the words “Zoom Room”, the date, and bid opening time shall be stated on the front of the bid envelope.

Payment terms

Each bidder’s proposal must include all items required in the specifications unless a specific

exception is taken. Any bidder, who option prices an item included in these specifications that

does not specifically require option pricing will have their proposal rejected without further


The bidder shall include the base price of the solution as well as a final price, less discounts. Upon delivery and payment of the solution, the solution provider shall provide an invoice indicating full payment and ownership of the Town of Arlington.

Service Requirements

Each bidder shall supply, with their proposal, detailed information on the bidder’s ability to

perform routine and emergency service on the solution after delivery. Detailed information

shall be provided on service personnel, location of the servicing depot, and the type and nature of

service work the bidder is able to provide. It is the intent of the Purchaser to assure that parts and service are readily available for the equipment specified. Service capabilities will be one of the criteria for award of this contract.


We expect your proposal to include information about how your company mitigates the environmental impact of its services, such as greenhouse gas emissions, amount of waste generated, water and energy use, or other areas related to your services.


The Town of Arlington reserves the right to reject any and all bids received and accept any bid that, in its judgement, best serves the needs of the Town of Arlington, Vermont.

Solution Description

The Town of Arlington is seeking proposals for an entry level room-based collaboration system.  The goal of this system is to provide the ability for remote participants to join in on a meeting held in the town hall meeting room.  This solution will provide the ability to interface with the towns on-line collaboration platform “Zoom” and provide a one-touch experience for joining meetings.

Room Specifications

The town meeting room is of the following dimensions:  24’ X 25’

The Display is intended to be installed at the “front” of the room (Where Bulletin Board is now)

This system will be used primarily where the town personnel meet in-person for meetings and provide remote access for the public and remote participants via Zoom.

Equipment / Installation Specifications

The town is seeking an integrated entry-level solution with ease of use in mind.

UC Engine, Camera, Audio, Display, User Interface, Installation and Training:

UC-B160-Z Crestron Flex Wall Mount UC Video Conference System for Zoom Rooms

  • Front‑of‑room video conferencing solution for Zoom Rooms™ software 
  • Present, call, conference, and collaborate
  • Native Zoom Rooms touch screen UI to provide a consistent user experience with simple operation and one‑touch meeting joins
  • Network management and provisioning and system alerts through the Crestron XiO Cloud service
  • Enterprise‑grade security
  • High‑powered 2‑way stereo speaker smart soundbar with 180° far‑field adaptive beamforming microphone array, advanced AEC & DSP technology, integrated high‑definition USB camera with lossless digital autozoom and HDMI® input for laptop and other AV content sources
  • 10.1 in. tabletop color touch screen with onscreen calendaring and meeting management


65” entry-level LED display and appropriate wall mount.

Hardware Cloud Provisioning and Management Service

12 months of Crestron XiO Cloud Service.

Premium-Level Support

12 Months of Crestron Flex Care


Necessary Cat 6 Cabling back to the 1st Floor IDF for interconnection with the towns PoE Switching Hardware. (~80’ run, drop ceiling, minimum 3 ports available on the patch panel and switch)


To be supplied by the Town’s electrician, requirements to be provided by solution provider.

Wall Prep

To be supplied by the Town’s Handyman, requirements to be provided by the solution provider.

Zoom Room Account

To be supplied by the Town on their existing Zoom account.

Installation and Provisioning

All Hardware and Cabling, installed in the Town’s meeting room.  Software installed on the device and provisioned to the Towns Zoom Room, on-site staff training. 


Final As-Built drawing to be provided at the completion of the project.

Warranty Information

User Documentation

Room Photos for Bid Reference

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