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Service Line Inventory

The Arlington Water Board seeks proposals to provide for a Service Line Inventory for the Arlington Water Department, WSID 5013.

Proposal due: 3/24/2023 at 2 pm Eastern time

Proposals must be submitted to the Town Administrator by email to nick.zaiac@arlingtonvermont.org. Alternately, proposals may be placed in the drop box at the front of Arlington Town Hall, 3838 VT Route 7A Arlington VT 05250.

Questions may be submitted to nick.zaiac@arlingtonvermont.org by 3/1/2023.


In preparation for compliance with Lead and Copper Rule revisions as applied to municipal water lines, the Town seeks a firm to provide a Service Line Inventory. The town will be funding the project with a Vermont Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) Service Line Inventory Loan.

Nature of the work to be done

Funding for the project is contingent upon completion of an engineering services agreement (ESA) that encompasses completion of the following work, directly from the loan application.

Project Title: Service Line Inventory

Loan purpose and terms: Community and NTNC water systems are required under the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions to submit a service line inventory (SLI) by October 2024. Specific requirements for the inventory format and its development are set by the Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division. The most current funding information will be available from the DWSRF program. Loan terms will be 0% interest and fees. Repayment will start 5 years after the loan agreement, split into 5 annual payments. Any loan forgiveness proposed on SLI priority list may be issued in portions as the annual portfolio of loans under that grant develops. If the SLI leads to a subsequent DWSRF construction loan, the SLI loan may be rolled into that construction loan.

Project General Tasks: General categories of tasks that are eligible for these loans and may need to be completed are listed below and should be considered in development of the contract or Engineering Services Agreement. Note that the final SLI must cover portions owned by both the water system and the customer. Do not include the scope or budget of other planning work the contractor may complete for the water system (e.g., asset management planning, preliminary engineering). If other DWSRF-eligible and fundable work will be completed on a similar timeline, a single loan agreement may be developed, but loan applications must be submitted separately.

1. Record Review

• Meet with water system personnel. Review water system records for service line info.

• Review other available documentation (e.g., Town Clerk office, DEC regional office (including online permit search), Act 250 permits, local plumbers and former water system staff, etc.)

2. Survey and Inspection

• Survey customers for service line information.

• Where necessary, inspect the customer side of the service line (building inlet).

3. Inventory Spreadsheet and Replacement Plan

• Enter inventory data for each service line into the state inventory spreadsheet template.

• Where required based on the inventory, develop the Lead Service Line Replacement Plan.

Nature of the proposal

The price should be an all-inclusive proposal and include costs per project and/or per service line. Proposals should include an explanation of how the firm is qualified to conduct such work and make reference to other SLI projects they have undertaken if relevant.


The project must be completed no later than May 1, 2024. Work may start at the convenience of the company, after consulting with Town staff to schedule the work at a mutually agreeable time.

Right to reject bids

The Town of Arlington reserves the right to reject any and all proposal received and accept any bid that, in its judgement, best serves the needs of the Town of Arlington, Vermont.


Those submitting bids do so entirely at their own expense. There is no express or implied

obligation by the Town of Arlington to reimburse any entity or individual for any costs incurred in

preparing or submitting of proposals.

RFP Dated 1/30/2023

Arlington Water Board

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