Select Board Meeting Minutes 1.30.23



January 30, 2023 

Members Present:  Cynthia Browning, Glenn Sherman, and Jamie Paustian. 

Members Absent:  Dan Harvey, and Todd Wilkins 

Also Present:  Nick Zaiac-Town Administrator, and Janet Barry, via Zoom 

The meeting was called to order at 7:19 PM, by Ms. Browning  

Public Comments:    None 

Old Business:   Budget Vote 2023:   The Board and Mr. Zaiac reviewed the 2023 Budget figures. Mr. Zaiac had made adjustments to the budget to account for the final 2022 decreases expected from the revenues from State payments. The board requested some be reverted. With some revisions, the final change to the property tax amount is 5.04%. The Board thanked Mr. Zaiac for all his hard work. Mr. Sherman made a motion to approve the newly edited 2023 Budget, dated 1/30/2023. Mr. Paustian seconded. Motion passed unanimously, with Mr. Harvey and Mr. Wilkins absent.  

Mr. Paustian made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Sherman seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:34PM. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Janet Barry, Recording Secretary 

Cc: files, Town Clerk 

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