Select Board Meeting Minutes 8.10.23

Town of Arlington Select Board Special Meeting Minutes

8/10/2023 at 7 pm

Members Present Dan Harvey Cynthia Browning Glenn Sherman

Others Present Nick Zaiac Ali Zaiac

Members Absent Jamie Paustian Todd Wilkins

The chair called the meeting to order at 7:07

Old Business

Members discussed the 2023 tax rate. They acknowledged the causes of the rate including the Grand List and coefficient of dispersion were off, inflation, and problems with the 2022 rate. The Town Administrator noted that the rate is not expected to rise in 2024 and we will make all efforts to avoid any 2024 tax increase.

Motion by Dan Harvey seconded by Cynthia Browning to set the tax rate as presented by the treasurer.

Approved universally by members present

Motion to adjourn Cynthia Browning seconded by Glenn Sherman

Approved universally by members present at 7:23