Selectboard Meeting Minutes 5.11.2020


Special Select Board Virtual Meeting

May 11, 2020

Members Present: Dan Harvey, Matt Bykowski, Cynthia Browning, Todd Wilkins, Tim Williams

The meeting was called to order by Dan Harvey, at 5:31PM

Public Comments: No public participation

New Business:  

Town Administrator Position: 

After discussion of the plan to hire Nick Zaiac as Town Administrator, Mr. Bykowski made a motion to hire Nick Zaiac as the Arlington Town Administrator, an exempt, full-time position, at a salary of $68,500 annually, with two weeks of paid time off, and eligibility for the Town’s benefit package. Ms. Browning seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Highway Crew Position:

In terms of the third road crew position, Ms. Browning made a motion to hire Mike King at $19.50 per hour for a six-month probationary period, to increase to $20 per hour thereafter, with eligibility for the Town’s benefits package. Mr. Wilkins seconded. The motion passed.

Town Administrator Position revisited: 

Mr. Bykowski discussed having a background check for Mr. Zaiac performed by William Burgess, of Burgess Loss Prevention, who was recommended by VLCT, with an approximate cost of $1000. The Board was in agreement that this was an important option, and Mr. Bykowski said he will move forward to see it is completed.  It was also discussed that a press release about the new Town Administrator should be prepared in the very near future. It was also discussed that thank you letters will be sent to the Town Administrator Search Committee, for all their dedication and hard work during the search process.

Recreation Park: 

Mr. Harvey said that he wants to hold off on having Mr. Woodard do the clearing out of the drainage near RT 7A, as it is too wet now, and we need to be sure about the State Highway right-of-way, and utilities. He also said the new mower has been purchased. Mr. Wilkins said he will contact AOT on the Town’s behalf.  Mr. Williams said he has been discussing trees that need to be cut down at the Park, with Mr. Woodard. It was discussed that the job needs to go out for bids.

Mr. Williams made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed; meeting adjourned at 6:05PM.

Minutes taken by Cynthia Browning,  and Janet Barry, via recording

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