Selectboard Meeting Minutes 9.10.18

September 10, 2018

Members Present: Keith Squires, Cynthia Browning, Daniel Harvey, Reggie Jennings Jr, Tim Williams
Also Present: Jack McDonough-GNAT-TV, Randy Novotny
The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Chairman Keith Squires.
Minutes of Meeting of August 27, 2018:
Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve with corrections, the minutes of August 27, 2018. The word “truck” in the Highways section of minutes will be replaced by the correct word, “excavator”. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried.
Public Comments: There were no public comments.
New Business: Red Mountain Lodge Ice Skating Area at the Park: Randy Novotny was at the meeting to discuss the Masons’ desire to have the skating area resurfaced. He stated it has been hard for the Masons to maintain the white color of the ice, as well as the difficulty of flooding it and having the water stay because there are so many cracks on the surface. He submitted a proposal to the Board to have the area resurfaced. He said the Masons will meet in a couple of weeks, and he wanted to be able to tell them the Board’s feeling on the issue. The quote was for $7919.00. Mr. Squires said perhaps if the needed pressure washing and debris blowing clean up could be done locally, there might be savings involved, and by not having hockey lines painted, could also offer some additional savings. Mr. Novotny is checking with the company to see if this is a possibility. Ms. Browning said she feels it is a worthwhile project and that potentially the Board could put some funds into next year’s Park budget to contribute to the project happen. The Board will also look at this year’s Park budget to see if there are any funds available to donate to the cause. Mr. Novotny said he will be asking the Rec Committee if they could also contribute and hopes that the Masons might be able to contribute some funds or labor, as well. Mr. Squires made a motion to approve the concept of the proposed work at the skating area. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed.
New ZBA Appointment: Mr. Harvey made a motion to appoint John Mendenhall to serve on the ZBA from September 10, 2018-April 1, 2019, at which time he may be reappointed to a three year term. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed.
SWIP: Mr. Squires presented the Board with a letter from Michael Batcher from BCRC, stating that he is applying for a municipal planning grant to help pay for the update to the SWIP, for solid waste management, on the behalf of Dorset and Sunderland and would appreciate letters of support from Arlington and other Vermont towns. Mr. Harvey made a motion to offer a letter of support for SWIP as requested by Mr. Batcher. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed.
Liquor License: Green Mountain Country Dining LLC, doing business as The Gourmet Deli & Café, Manchester Center VT, submitted a request to cater Malt, Vinous and or Spirituous Liquors, for a wedding reception on October 6, 2018, at the Arlington Grange. Mr. Harvey made a motion to allow this catering liquor license to this business on that date. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed.
Handicap Parking Request: Mr. Jennings asked if there could be portable signs for three handicap parking spaces at soccer games at the park. The Board agreed to the request. He also asked if there could be recycling bins available at the Concession Stand at the soccer games. The Board agreed. Mr. Squires said he will ask Highway foremen, Gary Weller for the handicap signs and check into the recycling bins.
Highways: Mr. Squires said the crew has been mowing and spot grading and have repaired a few leaks for Water Department projects. He informed the Board that the Highway crew is down to two men until Tony Ennis recovers from his work related back injury that occurred on August 28, 2018.
Winter Sand: Mr. Squires said the Town received one proposal from Peckham Industries for 3000 tons of sand for the 2018-2019 season, for $41250.00, delivered. It is the same price as last year. Mr. Harvey made a motion to accept the sand proposal from Peckham Industries for 3000 tons of sand for $41250.00. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed.
State Highway Planning Meeting: Mr. Squires said he attended a State Highway Planning Meeting on September 10, 2018 in Bennington. The meeting was held to discuss where the State will spend the Federal money they will receive for the next twenty years. He said it was emphasized that safety should be the main concern and focus of the usage of the Federal funds.
Ball Mountain Road Culvert: Mr. Squires gave a brief update to the Board about the culvert replacement on Ball Mountain Road. He said it is his opinion it will be better to use metal instead of concrete. He is planning on going to Wilmington VT to take pictures of a metal retaining wall they have to show the Board at a future meeting. He is anticipating having bids this Fall, with the grant money being available for December 2019.
Old Business: Dietrich Property Tree: Mr. Squires informed the Board that the tree on Dietrich’s property has been removed by Ed Pike for the agreed upon $1400.00. The Board discussed what line the invoice should be paid from and Mr. Jennings suggested creating a new line in the budget from Fund 11, for this project and other maintenance of Dietrich, or other Town properties, and the Board agreed. Mr. Squires will meet with the Treasurer to discuss creating a new line for this purpose.
Sidewalk-Town Hall: Mr. Squires reported that Herrmann Construction ordered the marble slabs from Ed’s Masonry to replace the sidewalk in front of Town Hall. The invoice is in the current warrant for payment and the work will take place soon.
Hazardous Mitigation Plan: The Board has reviewed the plan from Michael Batcher, and Mr. Squires said it gives a history of past weather events as a way to plan for the future. He plans to ask Michael Batcher to come to the next Selectboard meeting to answer any questions, as the Board continues to formulate an updated plan.
Dog Park: Mr. Squires said the fencing is at the Dog Park, he will deliver the posts soon, and the fence will be built in the next few weeks.
Sidewalk Project: Mr. Squires updated the Board on the Sidewalk Project, saying he and the engineer, a BCRC member, and a local Agency of Transportation employee, have done a walk-through of the area. They are waiting to have Theresa Gillman, a Right Of Way Engineer, here to walk the site and make sure we are conforming to her thoughts. She has critiqued the initial proposal and is the final person to sign on the dotted line. We are still working to resolve issues with Chem- Clean right of way to make it work for all concerned.
Water Department: Warrants and Orders: Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve WD#18, dated Sept. 10, 2018, from the operating account, in the amount of $1490.95. Ms. Browning seconded, motion passed.
Warrants and Orders: Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve as presented, General Warrant #19, dated Sept. 11, 2018, in the amount of $14056.56. Mr. Jennings seconded. Motion passed.
Mr. Jennings made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Barry, Recording Secretary
Meeting video taped
Cc: files, Town Clerk

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