Selectboard Meeting Minutes 9.9.19



September 9, 2019

Members Present:  Keith Squires, Cynthia Browning, Daniel Harvey, Tim Williams, and Matthew Bykowski

Also Present:   Jack McDonough-GNAT-TV, Bebe Bullock

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Chairman, Keith Squires

Minutes of Meeting of August 26, 2019

Ms. Browning made a motion to accept the minutes of August 26, 2019, with corrections in the Sunrise Lane section: “split rail fence in area must be moved”.  Mr. Harvey seconded. Motion passed.

Public Comments:    None

Old Business:  Arts & Enrichment Grant:    Bebe Bullock, the grant writer for the Arts & Enrichment grant was at the meeting to answer questions from the Board and to discuss what is still needed from the Board in order to submit the grant, which is due September 10, 2019 by 5PM. She had an application sheet that she asked the Board to sign, and Mr. Squires completed a letter of support that also needed the Board’s signatures. Ms. Bullock also asked that some Town fees may be waived in the process, which was agreed to by the Board. As was discussed at other meetings, the property being considered at this time, is the old Catholic Church on Main Street in Arlington, which the Diocese currently owns, but that the grant is written that it is not specific to this property, they could look at another property if the Church building does not work out.  Ms. Bullock explained that the point of the grant is to have a feasibility study. The property must be able to have multiple uses, with some possibilities being a fitness and wellness center, an after school and summer program for area children ages 13 and up, a tourism center, with exhibit space, and office space. The building needs to be sustainable and meet needs of a vast number of people and not just a few groups. Mr.  Harvey made a motion to approve the VCDP Grant Application. Mr. Bykowski seconded. Motion passed. The Board also signed the letter of support drafted by Mr. Squires, and authorized Mr. Squires to be the contact person for the grant.

New Business:  VLCT Annual Meeting:  Mr. Squires mentioned to the Board that the annual VLCT meeting will be held this year in Killington on October 2, 2019 at 1PM. They are looking for someone who could be a voting delegate. There were no Board members who thought they would be able to attend the meeting.

Arlington Garden Club Letter:   Mr. Williams gave a letter to the Board for review, addressed to the Arlington Garden Club, that thanks them for their hard work to make the Town look more beautiful. He asked that the letter be copied onto Town letterhead, and signed by the Board. Mr. Williams made a motion that the Selectboard submit a letter of appreciation to the Arlington Garden Club. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed. Letter was put onto letterhead and signed by the Board.

Battenkill River Duck Run:   The Board discussed that Happy Days Playschool had dropped off a poster to let them know that the annual Battenkill River Duck Run would be held Sunday, September 29, 2019 starting at the covered bridge in West Arlington. Proceeds benefit the Arlington Area Childcare and Happy Days Playschool.

Highways:  Sunrise Lane:  Mr. Squires said he would like the Board’s permission to take the information from the minutes of August 26, 2019, and create a formal version to take to the Sunrise Lane Homeowners Association, regarding the projects that would need to be done in order for the Town to take over the road, as has been requested by the Homeowners Association. Mr. Squires estimates that State aid for that road, if the Town were to take it over, would be about $1000 per year. He said any time you take over a road it would increase property taxes for all. Mr. Squires had recently completed an extensive survey of the area. Ms. Browning made a motion to authorize Keith Squires to revise the Sunrise Lane Road requirements draft as needed and to submit it to the Homeowners Association. Mr. Harvey seconded. Motion passed.

Ball Mountain Road Update:   Mr. Squires discussed the Ball Mountain Road culvert project with the Board. He said they are waiting for a company to install some guard rails but that the road has been reopened. He said there is a $16,400 invoice that will be on the next warrant on Sept. 23, 2019 that will complete payment to Contech. He said Herrmann Construction did all the “dirt work” and that there were many unforeseen obstacles to the project, necessitating a request from Herrmann for an additional $5608, above their accepted bid of $25,720, bringing their total to $31,328.  The other 2 bids received were from Weaver for $52,250, and Catamount for $83,425, so even with the additional money requested, it  is still far below other bids and that even if another company had won the bid, they might also feel the need to increase the amount of payment due to unforeseen additional costs. It was also pointed out that Herrmann Construction has done a lot of work for the Town in the past and has always billed fairly. Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the $5608 increase in Herrmann Construction’s bill. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed, with Ms. Browning voting against paying the full increase.

Excavator:    The Board had talked about purchasing an excavator for a long time and Mr. Squires spoke about having found a three-year-old one with 16,000 hours on it from Pittsfield Lawn and Tractor. He has been using it in Clarksburg MA to see if there are any issues with it. He said he found 3 minor repairs that need to be made and will be fixed by the company, and that it also has a 30-day warranty. Mr. Harvey read from the minutes of March 11, 2019, where he made a motion to allow the purchase of an excavator for not more than $54,000, that was passed by the Board.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve Warrant # C 19-4, for the total purchase price from Pittsfield Lawn and Tractor for $51,000, from the CRF Backhoe and Loader Fund. Mr. Bykowski seconded. Motion passed. Mr. Squires also asked for and was granted, permission to look for a used trailer for under $3000, to haul this and other Town equipment, and said he will loan the Town use of his trailer until one can be purchased.

Berwal Road:    Mr. Squires made an outline of the work to be done on Berwal Road and informed the Board that copies were emailed to all the residents that were at the August 12, 2019 meeting, requesting this information, and that the work on Berwal Road has begun.

BCSWA:   Mr. Squires explained that BCSWA is made up of 13 Vermont towns, and concerns waste and recycling issues. He said the amounts the towns owe is broken down by the population of the towns and that Arlington’s portion for 2019-2020 is $11,479.77, but due to increased recycling costs, may go up to $13,760.90 in 2020-2021, but grant money can cover 20% of Arlington’s costs.

Water Department:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve Warrant WD#19, from the Operating Account in the amount of $2,232.45. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed.  

Warrants and Orders:    Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve Warrant # 2019-4, from the Reappraisal Account, in the amount of $212.00 for postage and post cards. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed. Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve Payroll #35B, in the amount of $1,087.68, to Keith Squires, for his duties as Interim Town Administrator. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed. Mr. Squires abstained.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve Warrant # 19, in the amount of $13,224.47, from the General Operating Account. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed.

 Mr. Harvey made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Barry, Recording Secretary

Meeting video taped

Cc: files, Town Clerk

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