Selectboard Minutes 10.8.18

OCTOBER 8, 2018

Members Present: Keith Squires, Cynthia Browning , Daniel Harvey, Reggie Jennings Jr, Tim Williams
Also Present: Linda Crosby, Nathalie Caler, Maureen Harvey, Susan Jennings, Bill Bryan, Jack McDonough-GNAT-TV,
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Keith Squires
Minutes of Meeting of September 24, 2018:
Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the minutes of September 24, 2018. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion carried.
Public Comments: There were no public comments.
New Business: Cemetery Commissioners/Trustees of Public Funds: Nathalie Caler and Bill Bryan of the Cemetery Commission, Linda Crosby, Town Treasurer, and Maureen Harvey and Susan Jennings of the Trustees of Public Funds were at the meeting to have a discussion about the funds in the Perpetual Care Fund, how it is managed, and the procedures the Cemetery Commissioners should use to be able to access the funds when needed. Vermont statutes state how the funds are to be spent and the Trustees of Public Funds have discretion over the money and it’s usage. The Trustees said they currently have a checking account with approximately $9000 in it and $100,000 is being managed by an investment banker in a conservative manner. They stated they are required by law to annually report to the Town what funds are available. Mrs. Caler informed the Board that a single grave lot sells for $925, of which $375 is the grave price, $225 is for the corner stone, and the remaining $325 goes into the Perpetual Care fund with the Trustees. The price has not increased since 2015. Mr. Squires asked the Trustees if they could provide a list of items that are permitted to be bought out of the Perpetual Care Fund to the Cemetery Commissioners, which they agreed to do. The Trustees said that any job the Commissioners feel needs to be done should be written up and signed by the Commissioners and presented to the Trustees to be approved and then a check will be issued. It was agreed that the meeting was very helpful and informative.
Cambridge Fire Protection Agreement: Mr. Squires informed the Board that the Town received the new contract from the Town of Cambridge for fire protection. The 2018 contract was $1350, the 2019 contract is for $1377. Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the 2019 Cambridge Fire Protection Agreement. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed.
Planning Commission: Mr. Harvey said he has met with Jessica Roberts and discussed her desire to be part of the Planning Commission. She has also met with William Henry, the Land Use Administrator. The Board received a copy of the email Mrs. Roberts sent, writing of her experience and desire to serve the Town. Mr. Harvey made a motion to appoint Jessica Roberts to the Planning Commission until the term’s end on April 1, 2019, with the hopes she will then continue with a full term. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed.
Highways: Mr. Squires said the crew is back to three employees as of October 9, 2018. He said they have been busy grading and getting the equipment ready for the winter.
Winter Salt: Mr. Squires said that the third and final contract has come in for salt for the 2018-2019 season. Cargill set a price of $83.21 a ton, delivered. Mr. Squires said the Town usually buys from all three companies they contract with each winter, and having three companies assures the Town will have enough salt available to them. Ms. Browning made a motion to authorize the purchase of salt from Cargill for $83.21 a ton, up to 400 tons. Mr. Jennings seconded. Motion passed.
Mr. Squires said there have been a couple of complaints of speeding in the Candle Mill village area. He said the area is going to see an increase in usage in the future. It is currently posted as 25 miles per hour. There was a discussion about the possibility of getting a portable sign that tells the speed limit and the driver’s speed as they pass. Ms. Browning said she thought enhanced patrols in the area would be a good idea. Mr. Squires said he will get information on the price of a portable sign and will ask the sheriff’s department to put a speed cart there.

Water Department: Warrants and Orders: Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve WD#20, dated 10/8/18, in the amount of $5786.58, of which $5096.64 was used to pay for several paving jobs and sidewalk repairs on RT 7A that was necessary from different water projects. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed. It was decided that the next Water Commissioners meeting will be held on Dec. 17, 2018 at 6:00, before the regular Selectboard Meeting.

Old Business: Dog Complaint: Mr. Williams said the owners of the unlicensed dogs that were discussed at the last meeting have been sent a letter by the Town Clerk.
Yellow Barn Garden: Ms. Browning has been in contact with Breana Einsig from the Arlington High School/Middle School Environmental Club to let her know where they can store their tools, where their water source is, and also offered the use of her tools and possible fencing materials for their planned garden. She will meet with the students on their community service day on October 19, 2018.
Hazard Mitigation: Mr. Squires said there will be a meeting with the Fire Department on October 15, 2018 at 10:30AM to go over safety procedures as part of the continuing work on the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Warrants and Orders: Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve as presented, General Warrant #21, dated October 9, 2018, in the amount of $19085.25, which includes a payment of $5200 to Dufresne on the continuing Rec Park Sidewalk project. Mr. Jennings seconded. Motion passed. Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve payroll # 41B, in the amount of $816.00, for Keith Squires for duties as Interim Town Administrator. Mr. Williams seconded. Motion passed. Mr. Squires abstained.

Mr. Harvey made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Jennings seconded. Motion passed, meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Barry, Recording Secretary
Meeting video taped
Cc: files, Town Clerk

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