Town Administrator Search Committee Meeting Minutes (draft) 8.1.19

Arlington Vermont
Town Administrator Search Committee
August 1st 2019
Meeting Minutes

Committee Members Present:  Merrill Bent, Matthew Bykowski, Dan Harvey, Pamela Halbur, Chelsea Jeffrey.

Audience Present: None

Call To Order:  Matthew Bykowski called the Town Administrator Search Committee meeting to order at 7:01pm.

Introductions:  Each Committee Member introduced themselves to the Committee.

The Committee was organized:

A Chairperson was elected to the board — A Motion to appoint Jim Baker as Chairperson — Motion by: Merrill Bent, Second by Dan Harvey.  All in favor.

A Vice Chairperson was elected to the board — Motion to appoint Merrill Bent as Vice Chairperson — Motion by Dan Harvey, Second by Matt Bykowski.  All in favor.

A Clerk was elected to the board — Motion to appoint Chelsea Jeffrey as Clerk — Motion by Matt Bykowski, second by Merrill Bent.  All in Favor.

The Board designated Posting locations warnings:  It was decided that Town Hall, Heer, and the Library would be designated posting locations, following what is done for other town business.

The Board agreed to use Roberts Rules for Small Boards.

Public Comments:  No Public Comments, No public Present.

Discussion of Goals:  The Develop of the Town Administrator Job Description and Roll of the Administrator.  Discussed the initial roll of the administrator, part time / Full Time, and discussed ways to make the job description and hours flexible in an effort to get qualified applicants to apply for the position.  There was a brief discussion of the difference of a Town Administrator Vs Town Manager, Arlington has committed to a Town Administrator.  The Committee discussed what the current interim administrator has been accomplishing within the confines of 20 hours per week.  Dan indicated that Keith has been tracking the activities and hours over the course of the last year or more.  This information will be very helpful in building the Job Description.  Matt to get the Interim tracking information from Keith and distribute it to the committee.

Discussion of Timeline:  Proposed Timeline from the Select board was circulated to the committee and will be placed in the Drive.  The Committee reviewed the timeline.  It was agreed that the existing timeline would be adhered to as closely as possible to start, noting that the committee should know rather quickly if it is realistic to stick to.

Discussion of the Town administrator study:  The study as prepared by the Arlington Area Renewal Project was distributed to the members to review outside of the meeting.

The committee discussed ideas for the town administrator position.  it was derided that the committee will review the studies that have been completed as well as the time tracking from Keith.  At the next meeting we will being starting to draft the job description.

Meeting Schedule:  The Committee discussed having a meeting every 2 weeks to start.  We may need to ramp up depending on how things go, but we agreed to start every two weeks.  Our next meeting 8/15 pending availability of Jim and Nicol. 7:00pm.

Motion to Adjourn: Dan Harvey made the motion to adjourn, Second by Pam Halbur. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.

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