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Arlington Seeks Trustee of Public Funds and Communications District Member

The Town of Arlington is seeking to fill two official roles, both of .

Trustee of Public Funds

By law, Trustees of Public Funds are charged with overseeing all funds and assets except “U.S. public money”, that is, all funds other than those employed in the regular operations of the town, particularly with regard to cemetery trust funds. For Arlington, this includes the cemetery Perpetual Care Funds, and three smaller funds to be used for different community purposes.

Trustees typically meet approximately quarterly or twice per year to conduct their work, less than 10 hours per member per year. The role has recently undergone an administrative modernization effort led by the 2021 Trustees to limit the burden of this work on the group.

An ideal candidate has used both online and in-person banking services in their personal life. The individual appointed would serve until Town Meeting 2025. This role is an elected position, and any potential candidate should be a voter of the Town of Arlington.

Representative to the Southern Vermont Communications Union District

Arlington seeks to fill its second seat on the Southern Vermont Communications Union District.

The SoVT CUD is a special government district, like a water, fire, or sewer district, that allows towns to band together to provide public communications services. The district is not funded by taxes, rather, it is paid for by grants, donations, and service fees.

In this district, Arlington has two members, a voting member and an alternate. We’re seeking a member of the public to fill the “alternate” role alongside existing SoVT CUD appointee Cynthia Browning.

The district meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 6 pm and allow for a remote participation via Zoom.

An ideal candidate would have interest in rural communications infrastructure planning, and/or grant management work, and be able to attend at least one of the two meetings per month. The role is an opportunity for someone new to public service with the guidance of an experienced official and meaningfully contribute only if they so choose.

To be considered for either role, send an email to that includes the following:



Phone number

1-3 sentences of why you are interested in the role.

Nick Zaiac

Town Administrator

Arlington, Vermont


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