Wastewater Committee Meeting Minutes 1.18.24

Arlington Wastewater Committee January 18, 2024 Minutes

Members Attending: Matt Bykowski, Steve McClafferty, Jamie Paustian, Andrew Rodriguez, Cynthia Browning

Members absent: Dan Harvey, Andy Curtis

Others present: Craig Jewett, Nick Zaiac, Emily Hackett, Robert Clark

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 pm

2. Additions to or deletions from the agenda

2.1 Motion by Cynthia Browning seconded by Andrew Rodriguez to add “Town Report Section” to the agenda. 5-0 approved unanimously


3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS: Motion to approve Steve McClafferty, Seconded by Jamie Paustian. 5-0 approved unanimously


4.1 General Update

Mr. Jewett noted that since the last meeting he has left Otter Creek Engineering. Mr. Clark introduced himself as the new project lead for the ongoing wastewater study. Mr. Clark gauged the group to learn their current thinking on the path forward for the project, confirming that group is on the same page with what Mr. Jewett related to him during project transition meetings. Mr. Clark questioned Emily Hackett, attending on behalf of the state, about the status of the 30% review of the project, who confirmed that the project would be reviewed at her next technical meeting and that Mr. Clark is clear to proceed to the 60% complete threshold.

Mr. Clark noted an amended course of action relating to the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund Priority List (PList) he worked to file with Mr. Zaiac earlier in the week. He agreed to finish the amended document and submit to Mr. Zaiac for submission the following morning.

There was discussion of the Arlington School wastewater plant, which Mr. Paustian and Mr. Zaiac agreed to set up a call to discuss with Mr. Clark the following day.

The group discussed various complications relating to citing the wastewater disposal field. Mr. Zaiac agreed to follow up with the town attorney, Vermont Land Trust, and any other relevant parties in the next month or so. Ms. Browning requested an update in mid February in lieu of a February meeting of the committee.

The group discussed the submission for the Town Report, drafted by Town Administrator Zaiac. There were various typographical edits to the draft led by Mr. McClafferty. Motion to approve the report section as edited by Cynthia Browning, seconded by Jamie Paustian.

The next meeting will be set for March 21.


6. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Cynthia Browning, seconded by Jamie Paustian, approved universally among members present. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Nick Zaiac

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