Wastewater Committee Meeting Minutes 3.21.24

Arlington Wastewater Committee March 21, 2024 Minutes

Members Attending: Matt Bykowski, Steve McClafferty, Andy Curtis, Jamie Paustian, Dan Harvey, Andrew Rodriguez, Cynthia Browning

Members absent:

Others present: Nick Zaiac

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 pm


3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS: Motion to approve minutes of 1/18 meeting Cynthia Browning seconded by Steve McClafferty, 6-0 Matt Bykowski absent


4.1 General Update

TA Zaiac gave a brief overview of the current status of the project, which is at approximately the 50% mark and headed to the next key review threshold at 60%. He gave a general timeline for the next pieces, which should be on pace to complete the project within the year, with caveats related to delays in state review of the project well-noted by Andrew Rodriguez. TA Zaiac went on to give an overview of the 90 minute meeting between himself, Otter Creek Engineering, and Donald Campbell of the VT Land Trust. The Land Trust will need some preliminary design proposal to review before any next steps. He noted that there is the possibility of collocating some recreational use at the Yellow Barn property in the event of its use for wastewater purposes. The group discussed the idea of what such facilities could entail.


Next meeting was set for May 30, 2024 at 7 pm. TA Zaiac will send an status update a couple weeks in advance in case the next meeting needs to be pushed out slightly

6. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Cynthia Browning, Seconded by Jamie Paustian, approved 7-0 Meeting adjourned at 7:29 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Nick Zaiac

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