Wastewater Committee Meeting Minutes 6.1.23

Arlington Wastewater Committee June 1, 2023 Minutes

Thursday, June 1, 2023 7:00 PM

Members Attending: Dan Harvey, Jamie Paustian, Cynthia Browning, Matt Bykowski, Steve McClafferty, Andy Curtis

Members absent: Andrew Rodriguez

Others present: Nick Zaiac

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:08 pm




4.1 30% Meeting

Town Administrator Zaiac gave a brief overview of the timeline. He noted questionnaires were set to be mailed at the same time the following week.

Otter Creek Engineering had sent along the two documents constituting the “30% complete” versions of the twin studies. Town Administrator Zaiac displayed them on the screen and proceeded to review them in sequence, beginning with the East Arlington study area.

The group noted the current outline of the goals of the project, which successfully aligns with its goals. It spent some time discussing the outlined hazardous sites in this study area and their location relative to other lands. The group also noted isolation distances as outlined in the table in Table 4. The group discussed the design flow table (Table 5). It noted that Section 2.6 contains stock language that looks as though it is to be replaced with accurate water date and reference not to a fire district but to the Water Department. The group discussed the “historic” section and was confused why the Arlington Green Covered Bridge was relevant at all to this study area being miles west of the Arlington study area let alone the East Arlington study area. The group reviewed all figures at the end of the document, making particular note that only one well looks to be within the area as to impact the previously-identified so-called “Site 5”. They also noted the hazardous sites and noted that neither are likely to meaningfully impact the project.

Moving to the Arlington study area, the group quickly moved through the document which shares much in common with the East Arlington study area. The group reviewed the hazardous sites table (Table 1) noting some expected and unexpected items on the list. The group discussed the “historic” section further, doubting the impact of these designations on such a project as well as the relevance of the Arlington Green Covered Bridge once again. The group noted the population trends in Table 2, with the Town Administrator noting growth lagged behind past growth estimates over time. The group reviewed the summary of past studies. The group reviewed the design flows outlined in Table 5. It spent some time reviewing the existing well locations in Figure 3 as well as their current operating status as shown in the Agency of Natural Resources map on PDF page 35.


Next meeting set for June 18th.

6. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Jamie Paustian, Seconded by Cynthia Browning, universal among members present. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm