Wastewater Committee Meeting Minutes 9.7.23

Arlington Wastewater Committee September 7, 2023 Minutes

Members Attending: Dan Harvey Matt Bykowski, Steve McClafferty, Andrew Rodriguez, Cynthia Browning, Andy Curtis

Members absent: Jamie Paustian,

Others present: Nick Zaiac

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 pm


3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGS: Motion to approve Steve McClafferty, Seconded by Matt Bykowski. Approved 4-0, Browning and Curtis abstaining.


4.1 General Update

Town Administrator Zaiac gave an update on the current status of the project and recent developments since the update with the engineer earlier on 9/7. He noted that we are seeking to schedule wastewater potential testing on the previously-discussed “site 5” field in East Arlington and the Yellow Barn property. The discussion spent limited time on the East Arlington site beyond noting the two wells that must be removed to make Site 5 viable. He briefly gave an overview of the town’s water service expansion moratorium and the timeline he has for addressing it.

The discussion turned to the western study area. He noted that per discussion at the previous meeting, the Yellow Barn site is predicted to be extremely viable, particularly acknowledging the possibility of using loan funds to buy out conservation easements on the property. Member Browning asked if we had contacted the Vermont Land Trust regarding the matter, which the Town Administrator acknowledged he had done earlier in the day. There was a brief discussion of how the property had been previously used including the dumping of scrap metal, later recycled. The Town Administrator noted the need to appraise the property, which he was working to arrange in the following days.

There was a power outage at Town Hall, hastening the conclusion of the meeting. The Town Administrator outlined next steps for the project. These included getting archaeology sign-off and percolation test pits completed. The next meeting will be set for late October or early November.


6. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Steve McClafferty, Seconded by Cynthia Browning, approved universally among members present. Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Nick Zaiac

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