Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 2.3.22



February 3, 2022

Members Present:  Andy Curtis, Andrew Rodriguez, Steve McClafferty, Matt Bykowski, Dan Harvey

Members Absent:  Christian Heins, Cynthia Browning

Also Present: Nick Zaiac

Call to Order at 7:02 PM by Chairperson Harvey

Approval of the Minutes: Motion by Member Bykowski, Second Member McClafferty. Approved unanimously by the members present.

Old Business

Discussion #2: Members continued the discussion with regard to particular areas of town that would benefit from upgraded wastewater solutions. Member Harvey noted three main areas of potential focus, central Arlington, East Arlington, and the area between near the school. Member Rodriguez noted that the previously commissioned study adequately addresses East Arlington and Buck Hill, but missing is any area along Route 7A, as well as the area west of the Battenkill near town (the “Water Streets” or “Near West Arlington”). Members also noted an area of need in North Arlington, with the Town Administrator noting that this subarea looks much like the ongoing efforts in West Rupert. Member Rodriguez noted the wastewater potential of the vacant parcel between the Rec Park and the campground along Route 7A. The Town Administrator gave some detail on research as requested on spray field specifications.

Members discussed the wastewater potential of the so-called “Site 5” in the previous study. Member Bykowski noted recent improvements to the wastewater plant at the school, reducing load on the Battenkill. Members Bykowski and Curtis discussed the septic potential of the school property for supplemental disposal to create further capacity. Members considered potential outflows off of School Street, but that poses some logistics issues, although would be an option for some outflow.

Members discussed the septic potential of the Yellow Barn property. The Town Administrator will seek comment from the Vermont Land Trust regarding rules of the property, and noted the existing in-ground infrastructure on the property. Members noted employing the Yellow Barn for some of this infrastructure would both improve incentives and resources for building preservation. Members agreed that the next step is delineating specific area for potential solutions.

Members discussed potential sites along the Roaring Branch in northern Arlington. Members considered whether there are areas of Sunderland that would be viable to include in any system. The Town Administrator noted that Chiselville is the most likely of these areas to be viable.

Members questioned why Manchester’s wastewater capacity is as large as it is, while Arlington’s allocation is limited. Member Rodriguez noted that septic capacity is limited by total stream size.

Members discussed “Site 5” further, noting it’s well-identified potential to serve East Arlington, both the northern and eastern areas along East Arlington and Old Mill roads, respectively.

Member Bykowski proposed the following language as an amendment to the previous mission statement.

“To develop a scope of study by May 31,2022, for a comprehensive solution to manage wastewater for homes and businesses, at minimum, to the environs of the Town of Arlington.”

Motion Member Bykowski. Seconded by Member McClafferty. Unanimous among the attendees.

Member Rodriguez noted that an experienced local wastewater engineer has offered to attend a future meeting and address any technical questions the committee may have.

Motion to adjourn Member Bykowski, Seconded Member McClafferty

Meeting adjourned 7:48

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