Water Commissioners Meeting Minutes 1.9.24

Arlington Water Board Special Meeting January 9, 2024 Minutes

Members Attending: Jamie Paustian, Dan Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Glenn Sherman, Todd Wilkins

Members absent:

Others present: Nick Zaiac, Burr Snow

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 pm

2. Additions and Deletions to the agenda

Member Browning made a motion to remove the executive session and add “Budget preview” to the agenda. Seconded by Member Paustian. 4-0 member Sherman absent



4.1 RFP Engineering Services

The Chief Administrator gave a brief overview of the RFP, noting it had been reviewed by the relevant state regulators. The RFP involves hydrogeology work and repermitting of the two water wells on the water system, work to learn details of required water tank levels and system pressures, and permitting of new equipment to facilitate increased water usage. Members noted that the future of the community relies on its access to a sufficient supply of water to support current residents and any future housing growth.

Member Browning made a motion to approve the request for proposals for engineering services as presented. Approved unanimously.


5.1 Budget Preview

The Chief Administrator walked the board through the budget. On revenues, he noted higher than past revenues from interest due to current high interest rates. On expenses, he noted that insurance costs for the department have declined about $2000 over the past 2 years. Healthcare costs increased about 10% year on year. The “Engineering Services” line was reduced to zero due to the end of the South Road system improvement permitting project reaching its conclusion.

He noted the wastewater showing up on the books of the system, which will be covered by ARPA and reimbursed by the state, creating substantial perceived distortions to the topline figures. The budget document includes explanatory statistics that factor out the year on year effects of these funds so members can perceive structural cost changes in the budget. There was a brief discussion of the Lead Line study, which does not appear in the budget due to it working through liability lines in the accounting system. At the end of the discussion, Operator Snow was consulted, with no further comment having gone over the budget with the Chief Administrator prior to the meeting.

6. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Jamie Paustian, Seconded by Cynthia Browning, motion carried unanimously adjourned 7:25 pm

Respectfully submitted by Nick Zaiac

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