Water Commissioners Meeting Minutes 10.19.2020


MINUTES OF MEETING October 19, 2020

Commissioners in Attendance:   Dan Harvey, Matthew Bykowski, Cynthia Browning,  Tim Williams, and Todd Wilkins

Also in Attendance: AWD Chief Operator- Burr Snow, Town Administrator- Nick Zaiac, and via telephone, Janet Barry

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Harvey at 7:02PM

Briefing of the Chief Operator:   Mr. Snow talked to the Board about three water main repairs that have been done in the past few weeks. He also spoke of how he has been working with the Fischer’s on South Road, and Town Attorney Joe O’Dea to try to arrange a new contract, in an effort to severe the Fischer house from the water system, to correct  the ongoing issue of chlorine contact time that has been spoken about at other meetings.

Old Business: Aged Billables:   The Aged Receivables report, and current payment plans in place, were reviewed. It was noted that at the last meeting it was discussed that there was not much that could be done about delinquencies, due to COVID-19, and being in a State of Emergency, per the Governor.  After several options were discussed, it was decided that a letter will be sent to all Water Department customers with balances over $500, informing them of the option of making a payment plan with the Town, to make it easier for them to pay the overdue balances.  A letter will also be sent to customers currently on payment plans, to remind them of their agreements.  The possibility of having liens put on properties with balances over $1000 was also discussed.

Water Loss Rate Discussion:  It was discussed that the recent water main repairs may help with the water loss rate, and that some leaks can go undetected for years. The possibility of putting meters in specific zones in the system, “line metering” was discussed. It could be implemented gradually, whenever digging for repairs is already occurring, and aid in loss detection.

New Business:  Clean Storage: Mr. Snow discussed the difficulty of keeping his inventory that is stored at the Yellow Barn sanitary, and the need for more storage.  Different options were discussed, including a metal storage unit that could fit in the Yellow Barn. Mr. Snow said he would like to extend the building on Spring Brook Road eight feet, and that he had quotes for the project in the past. It was discussed that there is $20,000 set aside from the suspension of interest payments from the bank for the year, due to COVID-19, that could be used to correct the storage issue. Mr. Snow was asked if he could get current quotes for extending the building on Spring Brook Road.

Parts Inventory:   The amount of inventory on hand and the ability to know what is available and what is in need of being replaced was discussed.  It was discussed that once better storage is in place, it will be easier to keep track of inventory and that a value to the inventory could be created for insurance purposes, and that Mr. Zaiac could create an excel sheet to better track the inventory.

Mr. Williams made a motion to adjourn. Ms. Browning seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.

Minutes taken by Janet Barry

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