Window Inserts Workshop 10.20.22-10.27.22

Time to sign up for highly efficient window inserts through WindowDressers!

Dear Arlington neighbors,

If you are wondering what to do in the face of the high cost of heating fuel, our long, cold winters, and drafty windows leaking heat, then low-cost insulating window inserts — designed by and made by volunteers right here in town — will help. 

The inserts are pine frames, natural or painted white, wrapped in durable, transparent plastic film and a foam border, precision-measured to fit your windows perfectly. They slip into the window frame to create a snug, double layer of air between you and winter, then out again for storage come the warm weather. They can work in the summer to keep in cool air from your air conditioner, too.

Each insert is custom-priced based on the exact measurements of your window. Inserts generally pay for themselves in one to two heating seasons, and cost 50-75% less than commercial inserts. Sample prices:

                                            Pine           White

Small:              20” x 36” – $32.04       $40.66

Medium:         30” x 52” – $43.65       $56.54

Large:              44” x 68” – $59.33       $77.17

If this is more than you feel you can afford, for lower income residents WindowDressers can arrange discounts, and up to ten inserts at no cost.

Why are WindowDressers inserts so much cheaper than commercial brands?  Because you and volunteers who are your neighbors join up to build them by hand, using simple, time-tested jigs and tools and quick, basic training.  Generous donors help reduce the costs further.

What’s the process?

  1. REQUEST INSERTS by calling 207-596-3073 or fill out the form at
  2. You will be assigned to your closest Community Build. We will have a local Build October 20-27.
  3. GET MEASURED by a team of volunteers who will visit, assess and measure your windows, give you a quote, and collect payment if you decide to buy inserts.
  4. SIGN UP for shifts at your Community Build at
  5. PAY for your inserts (special low-income pricing available upon request) at 
  6. PARTICIPATE in the Community Build where the inserts are built.
  7. PICK UP YOUR INSERTS from the Community Build once yours are complete.
  8. INSTALL your inserts in your windows.
  9. ENJOY a warmer home and lower heating bills!
  10. Tell your friends and relatives about the money you saved on heating and cooling your house…and your increased comfort.

The Arlington Energy Committee is teaming up again with WindowDressers and the town Energy Committees of Sunderland, Dorset and Manchester to make this Community Build possible.  On average, research by WindowDressers shows, ten inserts save 105 gallons of heating oil per year. At our first-ever Build in November 2021, volunteers built over 250 inserts, cutting the heating oil burned by approximately 2,625 gallons of fuel this past winter.  At the current price of $5.97 per gallon, that’s $15,671. Now you know why we are so enthused about WindowDressers!  This year’s build will take place at the Paul LaFountain American Legion Post 69 from Oct. 20-27.


The Arlington Town Energy Committee

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