ZBA Warning 5.23.23


ZBA – Zoning Board of Adjustment


Public Hearing, Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Attend this meeting either via Zoom or in person at the

Arlington Town Hall, 3828 VT Route 7A, Arlington, Vermont

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Meeting ID: 842 9318 7404

Passcode: 771661

Warned Items:

  1. Doug McCauley.  1311 East Arlington Road Lot# 19-2-01 CI Zone

Variance requested for the front setback to allow for garage workshop addition:

Because of the CI zone for the property, there is a 75’ setback for the front of the property.  This property is entirely residential.  The existing buildings are non-conforming to this setback.  The addition of 16’ x 24’ on the back of the existing garage is desired.  This will not affect the front setback.

This hearing is warned in accordance with section 4464 of the Vermont planning and development act (24 VSA, chapter 117). Please be advised that participation in this proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to any subsequent appeal. Additional information may be obtained from the Arlington Land Use Administrator at

(802) 375-1008 or joan.nash@arlingtonvermont.org.