ZBA Warning 7.25.23

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ZBA – Zoning Board of Adjustment


Public Hearing, Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Attend this meeting either via Zoom or in person at the

Arlington Town Hall,  3828 VT Route 7A, Arlington, Vermont

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Meeting ID: 870 1604 8995

Passcode:     333917

Warned Items:

  1. Sherry Sallisky – property at 1027 VT Route 313 W, Arlington, VT

Topic: Where/when the travel trailer may be present on the property

There is a very narrow strip of “floodplain” area, whereas the rest of the property

is considered “floodway”.   Originally this situation was decided by the ZBA on

3/24/22, and the landowner requested that they be able to pour a concrete slab and

attach the trailer to it, and the ZBA agreed to this.  The slab was not poured and

now the landowner would like to use the 180 day rule instead, so that the trailer

would be removed and stored elsewhere for the remainder of the year.

     2)  Joe Gervais (property owners Ed and Brenda Pike) 1803 Maple Hill Road

Accessory building 12’ x 28’

Conditional use sawmill

Conditional use “Sherman Parking” area as base of operations

Permit and ZBA approval have been held up due to the flood hazard and the need for

wetland delineation.  Otter Creek Engineering has completed their work and found no wetland in the project area. 

This hearing is warned in accordance with section 4464 of the Vermont planning and development act (24 VSA, chapter 117). Please be advised that participation in this proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to any subsequent appeal. Additional information may be obtained from the Arlington Land Use Administrator at

(802) 375-1008 or joan.nash@arlingtonvermont.org.