Application for the Smith Memorial Fund

New Deadline – September 1,2024


About the Fund

In 1985 the family of Edith and Emmett Smith established a memorial fund “to be used by the residents of Arlington to further the enrichment of the town. Specifically, the intent is for a worthwhile project which relates to the enrichment of Arlington’s history, government, community recognition or similar project by any Arlington citizen or community group. Special events which might occur as part of a town celebration or memorial may be considered. And preferably, but not necessarily, it should be used by a youth or youth group who would provide enrichment to the community by involvement in those types of projects identified above.”

For this year, 2024, this application period will be open until September 1, 2024. and awards will be granted up to $1200.00 depending on the number of applications and the innovation of the project.

Please submit your application to:

The Edith and Emmett Smith Memorial Fund

 c/o Robin Wilcox, Town Clerk

Town of Arlington

 PO Box 304

 3828 VT Route 7A, Arlington, VT 05250.

If you have questions, Robin can be reached at 802-375-2332.

Application Deadline

September 1, 2024

Applications may be submitted electronically or by mail. Mailed applications must be postmarked by

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for this fund:

  • The applicant, if an individual, must be a resident of the town of Arlington, VT.  The applicant, if an organization, must have a mission to serve the residents of Arlington.
  • The project must be located in the town of Arlington, VT.
  • The project has demonstrated benefit(s) to the residents of the town of Arlington.
  • The applicant must have demonstrated skills and the ability and/or have support from an organization to complete the project as described in the application.
  • The applicant is willingness to report progress and document the completion of the project within the project timeline.

Applicant(s) who are awarded funds will receive:

Up to $1200.00for materials and/or labor upon the completion of the project with the required documentation and/or inspection. Funds can be distributed in increments throughout the project as progress or milestones are completed.

Materials to include in the application:

  • The following form filled out to the best of your ability. Answers may be as long as you wish. Use extra sheets if needed.
  • A project plan that includes a completion date, a tasks list, materials list with costs, hours of labor with costs, other expenses. In addition, any in-kind labor and/or donated materials should be listed and will be given special consideration in determining the benefits of the project.
  • A description of how the progress and completion of the project will be reported. This may include regular reports, receipts, invoices, photos, etc.
  • Financial information, such as labor and materials cost estimates, quotes from contractors, project related services, etc.

What to expect after your application submission:

A committee consisting of the Arlington town clerk and two select board members will review all applications received by the application deadline. You will receive a letter from the committee confirming the receipt of your application. The letter will include a date that the decision will be made.

The committee will determine the merit of each project based on the criteria previously listed. If more than one project deserves funding, the total amount of the available funds will be divided among the selected applicants. You may be contacted if additional information is needed or the committee members have question(s) about your project. (Be sure to include your contact information in the application.)

If your project is chosen to receive funding, you will be notified of the decision and the amount of money awarded as well as the process for disbursing the funds. Note: You may not receive all the funds you requested in the application. All others will be notified that the project was not selected.


Today’s Date________________ Applicant’s Name_________________________________

Contact Information

I am requesting funds as an individual ____

Phone__________________    Best time to call if needed_____________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________


I am requesting funds as a representative of an organization ____

Organization Name____________________________________________________________

Contact Informatin____________________________________________________________

Organization’s Mission_________________________________________________________

Project Information

Amount Requested___________________

Project  Start Date ___________________   Project Completion Date ____________________

Project Description (a brief summary)

Purpose of the Project (a brief statement of the need of Arlington residents and how the project will meet the need)

Location of the Project ____________________________

Benefit(s) to the residents of Arlington

Project Plan (list tasks, expected timelines for completion for each major task)

Describe how the project’s progress will be monitored and its completion documented.

Financial Information

Total Cost of the Project _____________________________________

Budget Details (attach an additional page, if necessary) Include cost of materials, labor, other expenses.

List any In-kind contributions and the source(s) (e.g. free labor and/or materials, other project related services)

Do you expect to receive financial support from another source to complete the project (e.g. an organization, a grant or personal funds) ? _________If yes, describe the source and expected amount.

If you are receiving financial support from another source. What portion of the project will be completed by the money requested from the Fund?

Include Attachments

Letter(s) of support, photos, diagrams, charts and/or additional information that support your project.

Thank  your submitting your application.

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