Energy Committee Meeting Minutes 3.23.22

Arlington Energy Committee
Wednesday, March 23, 2022 7:00 PM
Via Zoom

In attendance:  Mary Ann Carlson, Mardi Crane, Bryan Dalton, Rich Lederer, Karen Lee, Stephanie Moffett-Hynds

Guest: Callie Fishburn, BCRC

Absent: Alexandra Ernst, Garret Siegel



2.1. EV Charging at Arlington Village Center

The committee reviewed a letter in support of a grant application by Shires Housing for two EV charging stations that would be installed in the center of Arlington near The Helping Hand.  Karen Lee moved that we approve the letter and Bryan Dalton seconded the motion.  The discussion that ensued supported the letter, with few edits.  All were in favor.

3. Adjourn The meeting adjourned at 7:06pm.

Minutes taken by Stephanie.

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