Highway Crewperson Job Opening

Highway Crewperson Job Opening

Help Wanted

Town of Arlington requests applications for a Highway Crewperson position

The Crewperson is one of a three-member crew that maintains all Town roads and related facilities and equipment. The individual will be capable of operating all Town equipment, training will be provided on machines on which the Crewperson has limited experience. The individual is expected to report to work in a timely manner, conduct all tasks expected of them in a safe and collegial way, complete time sheets correctly and honestly, and work with the Crewperson/Supervisor to improve their road maintenance and construction skills. The Town has made great investments in highway equipment in recent years in an effort to provide the crew with everything it needs to succeed.

We take great effort to provide a competitive benefit package to our employees. Regular hours are 40 per week. Winter hours are dictated by weather conditions. All required hours over 40 are overtime during winter, with the opportunity to elect to earn extra time off in lieu of a portion of OT hours. 80 hours starting vacation plus six sick days. $23 per hour, firm. VMERS pension benefits and zero-cost-share health benefits provided.

Must hold a valid CDL-A (No automatic transmission restriction) License and be able to pass random drug and alcohol tests, per FMCSA. Insurer rules require a pre-employment drug screening.

The Crewperson works for the Select Board and the taxpayers of Arlington and is expected to deal with the public in a courteous manner. On an everyday basis, they report to the Crewperson/Supervisor, who in turn reports to the Town Administrator. Paychecks will be issued biweekly.

Applications accepted and due by 2 pm on April 1, 2022. First interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, with final interviews to take place at the April 4, 2022 Select Board meeting.

In the event the Board finds too-few qualified candidates by April 1, it reserves the right to delay this process two weeks from the above dates. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all candidates.

To apply, contact the Town Administrator at 802-379-9916 by phone or text to arrange a first interview, or by email nick.zaiac@arlingtonvermont.org. Paper applications may also be picked up in the front entrance of Town Hall.

Those participating in final interviews must complete a paper application including accident history and driving experience prior to the final interview.

Please contact the Town Administrator at the above information with questions.

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