Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 5.26.22



Minutes of Meeting – Thursday May 26, 2022 

Members Present: Charles Moore, John Williams, Garret Siegel, Elliott Nachwalter, Sebastian Massey, Tom Williams and Jessica Roberts (LUA), and Nick Zaiac (TA). 

Attendance Formats: Town Hall, Zoom Video Conferencing or Phone  

Other Attendees: Cat Bryars (BCRC), John Broker Campbell, Donna Menneto, Chris Chico, Rrock Shtusaj, Kevin Metcalf, Richard Stroffolino, Florence Pond, and Mary Jo Diegnan. 

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Charles Moore. 
  1. A motion to approve the April meeting minutes was made by John Williams, seconded by Garret Siegel. Motion carried. 
  1. A motion was made to approve the minutes from the May 12th special meeting. Motion carried 
  1. Donna Menneto presented her application for a base of operations permit at 4022 Vt Route 313W. The APC discussed the application and found it lacking in a number of areas. Some of these concerns were the setback from a pond and Route 313W, lack of adequate parking for two trucks, lack of screening from the road and neighbors. A number of neighbors voiced concerns with the application. Many of their concerns will be addressed by the ZBA. After discussions with the applicant and Chris Chico it was agreed that they would resubmit the application and locate the base of operations on a different site on the property. The APC instructed them to carefully read and comply with all aspects of Section 7.15 of the Bylaws. A motion was made by John Williams and seconded by Charles Moore to deny the application as submitted. 
  1. John Broker Campbell presented an overview of a potential change to our existing Flood Hazard regulations to include a River Corridor regulation. This addition would expand the area regulated by the town to include some areas outside the floodway. John explained the differences between our current regulations and these expanded regulations. John pointed out that there were financial benefits to the town in the case of a flood under these new regulations. The APC discussed these regulations and agreed to continue exploring them at a special meeting to be held on June 30th

Land Use Administrator’s Report for APC meeting for May 26, 2022 (prepared May 19) 

– Zoning permits issued: 

#3311 – Lot 12-3-01, 1027 VT Rte 313 (Sallisky): after-the-fact accessory buildings in floodway/RV  

#3320 – Lot 12-3-03, 771 VT Rte 313 W (Paustian): remodel/addition variance  

#3322 – Lot 14-2-10, 413 Warm Brook Road (Rhodes): mudroom and porch variance 

#3328 – Lot 16-1-04, 3938 VT Rte 7A (The Common): sign permit 

#3329 – Lot 06-2-05, 146 Laver Road (Bouza): porch and deck addition 

#3330 – Lot 13-2-11, 1753 Maple Hill (Pike): sign permit 

#3331 – Lot 03-1-21, 2577 River Road (Grega): porch addition 

#3332 – Lot 10-1-22, 603 Ball Mtn Road (Albert): carport 

#3333 – Lot 01-1-21.001, 4432 VT rte 313 W (Allan): garage 

#3334 – Lot 17-2-11, 63 Peaceful Meadow (Wood): garage 

#3335 – Lot 05-1-39, 366 Red Mtn Road (Bykowski): greenhouse 

#3336 – Lot 17-109, 3713 VT Rte 7A (Kumar/Patel): sign permit  

-Zoning permits pending: 

#3325 – Lot 02-1-06, 4022 VT Rte 313 W (Menneto): base of operations 

-Zoning permits denied: 

-Compliance Letters issued: 

209 Buck Hill Road, Lot 18-2-04 

-Notice of Violation letters issued: 

Jessica Roberts, LUA  

5.19.22                     APC=Arlington Planning Commission    ZBA=Zoning Board of Adjustment 

As there was no further business, Tom Williams made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Elliott Nachwalter. Motion carried. 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:13 pm. Our next meeting will be on Thursday June 23, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  

Respectfully submitted, Charles Moore 

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