Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 5.19.22



May 19, 2022

Members Present:  Steve McClafferty, Dan Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Andrew Rodriguez, Jamie Paustian, Andy Curtis, Matt Bykowski

Members Absent:  

Also Present: Nick Zaiac

Call to Order at 7:00 PM by Chairperson Harvey

Motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as presented by Member McClafferty seconded by Member Curtis. 6-0 with member Bykowski abstaining

Town Administrator Zaiac began by explaining the edits made to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) document since the previous meeting, acknowledging a note from Member Rodriguez alerting the group to the just-published RFQ document from Shaftsbury. The two adjustments were adding language on nondiscrimination/encouragement of participation by women and minority run businesses, and a new disclaimer section that replaced a previous single-line disclaimer.

Town Administrator Zaiac went on to give an overview of the proposed map. The initial draft map is included for the record below. He noted points where he sought input from the committee on specific boundaries. He noted Russel Street, Buck Hill, and the southern terminus of Area 4 as particularly up for debate Member McClafferty sought information regarding the Area 3/4 boundary along Russel St.

The group discussed the southern terminus of Area 4. The group considered whether the line should be immediately after Crow Hill Road, or further south to capture all of the Commercial-Residential-Rural zone including the property housing Dollar General and the properties on Short Street.

The group noted that this extension would be ripe for added commercial development that would also benefit the Water Department with new ratepayers. As spurred by this discussion, the group discussed colocation of water and sewer lines, with Member Rodriguez noting that building rules require separation that make this unviable.

The group returned to the RFQ document. At the suggestion of member McClafferty, the section listing the four areas of concern was amended to read more clearly through the inclusion of a 2-item bulleted list, with limited adjustment to the language itself.

Members discussed the next meeting date. With no need to meet in 2 weeks while awaiting Select Board approval of the RFQ, the group agreed that the next meeting date would be 6/16. The group confirmed the previous plan for responding to questions, and agreed the scheduled meeting for that is appropriate as previously discussed.

Motion to adjourn by Member Curtis, Seconded by Member Browning, Unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm.

Maps as initially proposed and as approved included for the Record

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