RFP Covered Bridge Re-deck

Town of Arlington Select Board

Request For Proposals

West Arlington Covered Bridge Redecking Labor

The Arlington Select Board seeks proposals to provide for labor associated with the replacement of the existing decking boards on the West Arlington covered bridge.

Bid due: 9/24/2021 at 2 pm Eastern time

Bids must be mailed to PO Box 304 Arlington VT 05250 and must be received by the bid due date. Alternatively, bids may be placed in the dropbox at the front of Arlington Town Hall, 3838 VT Route 7A Arlington VT 05250.

Address all bid envelopes to the Town Administrator with “Covered Bridge” written on the outside.

This is a Vermont Agency of Transportation funded project. All participating bidders must be in good legal standing to work on State of Vermont projects and not be on the federal list of disallowed vendors. All bidders must carry general liability insurance and submit that proof of insurance to the town promptly on being awarded the bid.

The project shall consist of:

Unscrewing and removal of the pressure treated softwood lumber decking boards currently in place.

Installation of new red oak decking boards including cutting the boards to size and screwing them to the bridge substructure.

The total number of boards to be removed and replaced is 108. Boards to be installed are custom-sawn 2” by (8”,9”,10”) by 10’, 36 boards each, to match what is being replaced without further need to narrow the boards.

Nature of the bid:

The price must be in one of two formats:

An hourly rate and number of hours the bidder expect the job to take. Both the rate and the number of hours shall be explicitly provided. The bidder shall include a total cost based on these figures.

A project rate including all work associated with work listed in this RFP, above. The bidder shall provide relevant detail to assure the Board that all work associated will be completed


If you are capable of hauling away said material to a transfer station accepting said materials, include a price for this service. The town shall pay the bill for disposal directly.


The project must be completed no later than April 1, 2022. Work may start on award of the bid and arrival of materials. The winning bidder shall provide notice of the expected start date of the project such that lumber and materials may be positioned at the project site and work with the town to ensure they are available in a reasonable time after materials have been positioned.

Right to reject bids

The Town of Arlington reserves the right to reject any and all bids received and accept any bid that, in its judgement, best serves the needs of the Town of Arlington, Vermont.

RFP Dated 9/13/2021

Arlington Select Board

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