Select Board Meeting Minutes 1.29.24

Arlington Select Board Special Meeting January 29, 2024 Minutes

Members Attending: Jamie Paustian, Dan Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Glenn Sherman, Todd Wilkins

Members absent:

Others present: Nick Zaiac

1. CALL TO ORDER at 8:00 pm

2. Additions and Deletions to the agenda

Member Paustian made a motion to add an executive session to the agenda. Seconded by Member Sherman. Approved unanimously.


Member Browning made a motion that premature discussion of a personnel matter would cause the municipality to suffer substantial disadvantage. Seconded by Member Sherman. Approved unanimously.

Member Browning made a motion to enter into an Executive Session for discussion of a personnel matter and allow Town Administrator Zaiac to remain in the room. Seconded by Member Sherman. Approved unanimously.

Entered at 8:02. Exited at 8:15 with nothing to report.


Budget: The board confirmed that the budget is as previously discussed. The Town Administrator reported minor adjustments to the accounting for cellular stipends, as well as addition of the preliminary ARPA budget based on a meeting the previous week with members Sherman and Paustian. He noted that the ARPA spending proposal will be on the agenda for Monday’s regular meeting.

Motion to approve the budget as presented 1/29 with a total spending of $1,947,241 by Member Browning. Seconded by Member Wilkins. Approved unanimously.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: The Board received a letter from Linda Carmen-Reid dated 1/28/2024

Member Paustian read it into the record.

“This is one of those (possibly rare) positive notes to say thank you for thinking of your citizens who want to stay healthy and enjoy walking in the winter. As you know, the Arlington Recreation Park is a fabulous asset to do that. It doesn’t matter whether we are old or young, walk with or without dogs, try to stay healthy by losing weight or get in some cardio, it’s just great and good for us to get out during the winter months to get some exercise.

The only hardship is when it snows (of course the cross country skiers are ecstatic, walkers not so much), thus when Willy plowed the park path all the way around, we walkers were thrilled! We offer our sincere appreciation and can only hope that when snows return, he’ll be allowed to do so again. We can’t thank you enough.


The Board thanked her and sends appreciation for the letter.


ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Member Sherman, Seconded by Member Paustian, motion carried unanimously adjourned 8:33 pm

Respectfully submitted by Nick Zaiac

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