Selectboard Minutes 7.2.2018

Arlington Selectboard
July 2 2018

Members Present:Keith Squires,Daniel Harvey,Cynthia Browning,Timothy Williams,Reggie Jennings Jr
Also Present:Jack Mcdonough-GNAT TV,Susan Jennings,Maureen Harvey
The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Chairman Keith Squires
Public Comments:Susan Jennings and Maureen Harvey informed the board that they raised $1700 plus and with what they have in the dog park fund they have over $3000. After discussion it was determined that Keith would look at getting th fence put up and the dog park committee would keep fundraising to pay for the fence which Keith has already purchased with his own money. The ladies mentioned that they could have raised more in their opinion if they were allowed to use the Lion’s Pavillion. There was discussion about how the Lion’s Club should allow other’s to use the pavilion considering they aren’t paying for mowing or water testing of the Lion’s Pool. The Ladies also wanted to thank Jerry Woodard for all the help with the cart and making sure that they had everything that they needed. They also asked that maybe the selectboard sit down with the Lion’s and see if there was some common ground that could be reached. They also mentioned that the music festival was trying to charge people to enter the park even though some people weren’t there for the music festival
Minutes of the meeting of June 18 2018:Tim Williams made a motion to approve the minutes as presented,Seconded by Ms Browning. Motion passed
Highways-Keith said the guys were working on roadside mowing and trying to stay cool. Ms Browning made a motion to pay Catamount Enviromental $14800 for the painting of Bridge #25,seconded by Mr Harvey. Motion passed
Water-Mr Harvey made a motion to approve WD#3 $8018.03,seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion passed.
Sidewalk-Mr Harvey made a motion to pay the first bill from Dufresne Henry in the amount of $5200 seconded by Ms Browning. Motion passed.
Ms Browning mentioned that she had some more No Smoking signs for the playground at the Park. She was going to see how it was going there and put up the new signs. Keith said there was already some signs up but more are welcome

Mr Harvey mentioned that the signs just past the tennis courts may need some work,was going to look at them and let us know
Ms Browning wanted to thank the highway crew for mowing the Yellow Barn. There was discussion about maybe haing a Farmer’s Market there someday
Mr Harvey made a motion to contract with E-Enable for $195 for anti-virus for the Town Hall computer system,seconded by Mr Williams. Motion passed
Mr Harvey made a motion to allow Town treasurer to borrow $100,000 from the grader fund,seconded by Mr. Williams. Motion passed
Mr Squires reported that he had a request to put memorial at the Park for John Werner. It would be located near old volleyball courts with two benches near it,money to raised by Renewal Group
Warrants-Mr Harvey made a motion to approve payment of warrant #14 in the amount of $36864.09,seconded by Ms Browning. Motion passed.
Discussion of yearly budget and that roughly 50% has been spent so far
Mr Williams made a motion to adjourn,seconded by Ms Browning. Motion passed. Meeting ended @7:52
minutes prepared by Reggie Jennings Jr

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