Selectboard Minutes 8.28.17

AUGUST 28, 2017

Members Present: Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Timothy Williams,
Reggie Jennings, Jr.
Also Present: Jack McDonough-GNAT-TV,
Nick Monte, Dean Measeck-Arlington Lions Club
Nelson Illinski

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Keith Squires.

Minutes Meeting of August 14, 2017 & Special Meeting of August 16, 2017: Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the minutes of August 14, 2017 and the special meeting of August 16, 2017 as presented. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.

Old Business: Smoking in the Park Issue: At this point in the meeting – Mr. Squires moved ahead for discussion from Nelson Illinski who was present to voice continued concerns about smoking in the playground at the Park. Mr. Squires noted that there currently is signage stating that there is no smoking in certain areas in the park. Mr. Squires stated that the Town is not opposed to putting signage up but the enforcement of this issue is difficult at best. Ms. Browning noted that unless the Town makes an ordinance – it is not an enforceable issue. The Board was in favor of putting up some signage stating that there should be no smoking in the playground.
Lions Club: Lion Nick Monte was present and voiced concern that there were still items stored in the Lions Pavilion that should be cleared out. He stated that it was his understanding that the items were put there last fall for “winter storage” and would be moved out after that. He also stated that the shed where the school stored items has not yet been torn down, and he had expressed – in writing – that the Lions were okay with this building being taken down. Nick thanked the Town for cooperation and help through the years. He noted that the Lions Club is “alive and well” and remains an important part of the community. It was noted that the school equipment – especially the equipment that is not being used – could be moved to the Yellow Barn. Any Park equipment that needs storage for the winter – could be put in the building for the winter at least. Mr. Squires will look into discussing moving some items and Nick will bring this information to the Lions Club. It is possible that there will be a work party in the near future.
Dog Park: Mr. Squires noted that he can get fencing installed at a good cost. There was discussion on this issue. Ms. Browning made a motion to authorize Keith Squires to enter into an agreement with Berkshire Fencing Company to purchase new fencing and install it at a cost of up to $10,000.00 – with funds from FEMA – to be repaid by donations in the future. Seconded by Mr. Harvey. Motion carried.

Highway: New Employees: Mr. Squires reported that the Town has hired two new employees – Anthony (Tony) Ennis, and Brian J. Hawley. Tony Ennis started work today (8/28/17). Brian plans to start on September 5, 2017. Highway Pay Rates/Wages: Mr. Harvey made a motion to start the two new Highway workers at $23.50/hour, and move Gary Weller to $24.50 per hour. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried.
Insurance Coverage for New Highway Employees: Mr. Squires reported that he spoke with a Blue Cross Blue Shield representative. Mr. Squires was told that with Brian Hawley it was simply an issue of transferring Brian over to the Town as he is currently insured by BCBS of VT and Tony will go on the Town’s insurance as well. The effective date for both new hires to be insured is September 1, 2017. Mary will see that the paperwork is sent in to BCBCVT.
Winter Sand & Salt: Mr. Squires reported that he is waiting for a couple more prices on winter sand and salt and the Board can make a decision at the next meeting.
River Road Project: Mr. Squires reported that he has been having trouble contacting a homeowner at one of the residences where the Highway has done work on River Road.
Speed Cart: Mr. Harvey stated that with school starting this week – it would be good to have the speed cart up in the vicinity. Mr. Squires noted that it is currently at the school.

Water Department: Water Department Customer Accounts for possible disconnection of service: The Commissioners – who are also Selectboard members – made a decision to consider delinquent accounts for a final disposition at tonight’s meeting. The plan would be to proceed with disconnection using the notice and process previously finalized. There was discussion on this issue.
Per the Water Commissioners Meeting of 8/21/2017 – the following accounts were listed for possible disconnect notices:
Acct #246 Phil Burnham $1,885.03
Acct #192 Theresa Bushee $1,514.89
Acct #291 Valene Gallett $1,570.63
Acct #479 Gary & Amanda Harrington $1,385.10
Acct #003 Victoria Hill $1,001.65
Acct #074 Terri Mattison $1,543.96
Acct #259 Bruce Mattison $2,929.60
Acct #206 Celeste McCartney $1,056.18
After further consideration and decisions – The Board was in agreement to remove Phil Burnham, Gary & Amanda Harrington, and Victoria Hill from the ‘disconnect list’. Ms. Browning will notify Robin of this decision. It is ntoed that this is recorded in these minutes as well. Minutes of Water Commissioners Meeting of August 21, 2017: made a motion to approve the minutes of August 21, 2017 as presented. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried.

Warrants & Orders: Bond Account: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize the final payment of $23,000.00 to Zaluzny Excavating Corporation from the Bond Bank Account for Water Department Bond Order # B-22 dated August 28, 2017. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried. Mr. Squires reported that he has all the drawings, thumb drive, etc on the project. Operating Account: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $6,296.71 from the Water Department Operating Account for Order # WD Warrant #17 dated August 28, 2017. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.

Old Business – continued: Fire Department: Mr. Squires noted that there have been questions regarding Fire Department members responding to an incident with their own vehicles. Board members discussed looking into insurance coverage for this issue. Mr. Squires noted that we could look into what other towns are doing, and check with the League of Cities & Towns.

New Business: Retirement Notice: Board members reviewed a memo from Mary Henning stating that “barring any unforeseen circumstances” – her last day of work for the Town of Arlington will be March 31, 2018.

Warrants & Orders: Payroll: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $336.00 to Keith Squires for duties as Interim Administrator for the period of August 13, 2017 through August 26, 2017 as noted on Payroll Order # 35B dated August 28, 2017. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried with Mr. Harvey, Mr. Williams, Mr. Jennings, and Ms. Browning voting in favor of the motion. Mr. Squires abstained from the vote. General Warrant: Mr. Squires made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Order #17 dated August 29, 2017 for the amount of $9,206.80. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.

All Other Business: Lions Buildings: There was further discussion on the Lions buildings and what can be done to expedite cleanup of the school/park items.

Mr. Harvey made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mr. Williams. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at9:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary M. Henning, Recording Secretary
meeting video taped
cc: files, Town Clerk

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