Water Commissioner Special Meeting Minutes 3.18.24

Arlington Water Board Special Meeting March 18, 2024 Minutes

Members Attending: Jamie Paustian, Dan Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Glenn Sherman, Todd Wilkins

Members absent:

Others present: Nick Zaiac, Burr Snow, Steve McClafferty

1. CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 pm

2. Additions and Deletions to the agenda: None



4.1 RFP Engineering Services

Member Browning made a motion to change the deadline for the previously issued request for proposals for engineering services as from the previous March 1 to the new April 1.  Seconded by Member Wilkins. Approved unanimously.

4.2 Project Planning

Member Browning discussed the list she developed with Operator Snow regarding the “long list” of potential projects for the department to have in mind while federal funding for infrastructure continues to work toward implementation. She presented the following list, discussed in order and grouped into 3 project types: line replacement (313W and Chiselville), the stream crossings (Fayville, Warm Brook, 313, Red Mountain Spring), and two projects that could be addressed with other efforts (Chittenden/Munn).

313 West water main replacement  (big project)

Chiselville Road water main replacement  (big project)

Fayville Branch/Peter’s Brook stream crossing pipe replacement

Warm Brook stream crossing pipe replacement

313 Batten Kill crossing pipe replacement

Red Mountain/Golf Course Batten Kill crossing pipe replacement

Mack Molding/Chittenden Loop

Munn Terrace Booster Station

The board expressed a unanimous sense that this is an appropriate project list off which to base further planning efforts.

Member Browning asked for an update on the South Road project. Chief Administrator Zaiac gave the status as awaiting proposals for resident engineering, and that he would seek said proposals in the coming months. He retrieved and the Board reviewed the engineering plans for this simple but important compliance project.

5. ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn Todd Wilkins, Seconded by Cynthia Browning, motion carried unanimously adjourned 7:29 pm

Respectfully submitted by Nick Zaiac

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