Selectboard Minutes 10.9.17

OCTOBER 9, 2017

Members Present: Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Timothy Williams,
Reggie Jennings Jr.
Also Present: Dara Zink-Battenkill Valley Runners

The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm by Chairman Keith Squires.

Minutes Meeting of September 25, 2017: Ms. Browning made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of September 25, 2017 as presented. Seconded by Mr. Harvey. Motion carried with Mr. Williams, Mr. Squires, Mr. Harvey and Ms. Browning voting in favor of the motion. Mr. Jennings abstained from the vote as he was absent from this meeting.

Highways: Mr. Squires reported that the River Road project (driveways /drainage that were worked on) was completed and the Berwal Road project has been completed.
7A-Park Sidewalk: Mr. Squires reported that the Town has apparently been approved to receive a $302,800.00 grant for the Route7A- Rec Park Sidewalk Project. Mr. Squires wants to hold off on any press releases regarding this grant until the Town has further information on this issue.
Speed Cart Information: Board members were given copies of the Bennington County Sheriff’s report on information obtained off the speed cart that was on East Arlington Road in front of the school.
Capital Reserve Warrant: Mr. Squires reported that he put together figures for the paving done to date. He noted that we still have a couple of projects to finish. Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Capital Reserve Warrant # CRF #3 dated 10/11/2017 for the amount of 59,428.43 to Beaudoin Paving LLC for paving to date (as of 10/03/17) on Town Roads – including Maple Hill Road and Carbonti Circle. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried.

Battenkill Valley Runners: At this point in time – Mr. Squires moved ahead to new business to accommodate Dara Zink – President of the Battenkill Valley Runners Club. Dara reported that the Battenkill Valley Runners will host the Running of the Turkeys on Thanksgiving Day – November 23, 2017 – providing there is no snow to deal with. The Shires Marathon will be run on May 20, 2018 from Bennington College to Riley Rink. Dara stated that they hope to start a half marathon – as part of the Shires Marathon – at the Federated Church at the May 20th 2018 race. Dara will email Mary copies of the Battenkill Valley Runners insurance. There was discussion of other possible events that the Runners Club might host.

Water Department: Warrants & Orders: Operating Account: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Water Department Order # WD Warrant #20 dated October 9, 2017 for the amount of $395.29. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.
Reminder: There will be a Water Commissioners meeting on Monday October 16, 2017. Ms. Browning stated that she would not be present at that meeting but she would have the minutes ready for the Commissioners by meeting time.

Old Business: Cemetery Repair Work: Board members reviewed a proposal from Mike King to do repairs on the trim and roof of the building at the Evergreen Cemetery. The proposal is as follows: cost of repairs = $700.00, the cost of the roof replacement would be $2300.00 for a total cost of both projects together = $3000.00. A deposit of 50% will be due prior to starting the project. The remaining 50% will be due within five (5) days of completion. Mary reported that this issue had been discussed with Nathalie Caler and Bill Bryan. According to Nathalie – Bill Bryan-Cemetery Commissioner – okayed the proposal – to go to the Selectboard for final approval. Nathalie informed Mary that she would like this work done before the end of the year. There was discussion on this matter. Ms. Browning made a motion to authorize contracting with Mike King to do the repair work and replace the roof on the building at the Evergreen Cemetery for a total of $3,000.00. Seconded by Mr. Harvey. There was discussion on this issue. Mr. Williams felt the Board should look into whether the commissioners had gone out to bid for proposals on this job and to contact Mike King regarding this issue. Ms. Browning rescinded her motion. Mr. Jennings seconded. Motion carried. The Board will look into this further and meet with Mike King to discuss this issue.
Town Hall Sidewalk: Mr. Squires stated that he has a quote coming for work on the sidewalk in front of Town Hall.

New Business: Health Insurance for 2018: Mary gave Board members copies of information – for their review – from the Vermont League of Cities & Towns on the 2018 health insurance rates.
BCRC-Regional Economic Development Services in Bennington County: Board members reviewed a letter from BCRC regarding economic development in Bennington County.

Warrants & Orders: Payroll: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $384.00 to Keith Squires for duties as Interim Administrator for the period of September 24, 2017 through October 7, 2017 as noted on Payroll Order #41B dated October 9, 2017. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried with Ms. Browning, Mr. Williams, Mr. Harvey, and Mr. Jennings voting in favor of the motion. Mr. Squires abstained from the vote. General Warrant: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Order #20 dated October 10, 2017 for the amount of $23,291.49. Seconded by Ms. Browning. In discussion, noted that there were several large invoices on this warrant – including the warrant for the Berwal Road culvert, and tires for highway equipment.

All Other Business: Reminder: 1. There will be a Fire Evacuation Day Drill at the Arlington schools tomorrow (10//10/17). 2. Board members have been invited to the Hampton Inn in Manchester at 12:30 noon on Wednesday for celebration of the new rail/bus line.

Mr. Williams made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mr. Harvey. Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary M. Henning, Recording Secretary
cc: files, Town Clerk

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